Poway Prepares to Overhaul Water System in Wake of 2019 Contamination Crisis

Poway is getting close to beginning the long-anticipated overhaul of its water system, following a 2019 crisis when the city’s water supply was contaminated by stormwater.

“It’s the largest capital improvement program the City of Poway has ever undertaken,” Shadi Sami, a city engineer helping oversee the project, told ABC 10News.

Currently, Poway gets its water from one source. Untreated water comes in from the San Diego County Water Authority, gets stored in Lake Poway, then goes to Poway’s water treatment plant and is stored in a clear well, before being distributed to residents and businesses. Following a storm in 2019, a valve that should not have been open allowed contaminated water into that clear well. With no other source of water, residents were under a boil water order for several days.