California Officials Say Delta Tunnel Project is Worth the Costs and Risks

State water officials say a controversial plan to build a tunnel to take water from the north end of California to its southern regions is worth the costs, risks and protests from environmental organizations.

California’s Nuumu People Claim LA Stole Their Water, Now They’re Fighting for Its Return

When Noah Williams was about a year old, his parents took him on a fateful drive through the endless desert sagebrush of the Owens Valley — which the Nüümü call Payahuunadü — in California’s Eastern Sierra. Noah was strapped into his car seat behind his mother, Teri Red Owl, and his father, Harry Williams, a Nüümü tribal elder with a sharp sense of humor who loved a teachable moment.

California’s Reservoirs and Groundwater See a Boost Due to Back-to-back Wet Winters

In a normal year, about 40% of California’s water supply is stored groundwater, and more than 80% of Californians use it, according to the California Department of Water Resources.

Groundwater is the water that is a buffer in the years the state is in drought. For the first time since 2019, the agency reports groundwater storage increased during the 2023 water year, which is great, but the state’s groundwater is still in deficit.

US Dedicates $60 Million to Saving Water Along the Rio Grande as Flows Shrink and Demands Grow

The U.S. government is dedicating $60 million over the next few years to projects along the Rio Grande in southern New Mexico and West Texas to make the river more resilient in the face of climate change and growing demands.

Why No One Won in This Year’s Water Wars

EVERY DROP COUNTS: California had (is still having, amazingly) a really good water year. But all the rain and snow is doing almost nothing to lubricate the state’s perpetual conflicts between fish and farms.

Opinion: Californians Have a Right to Safe Water, Yet Many Don’t Have It. Is Help on the Way?

Twelve years after California became the first state in the nation to declare a “human right to water,” achieving this basic societal goal of securing clean water for all 39 million state residents is more daunting than ever.


Opinion: Changing Water Reality Upends Huge Project, Pushes Rates Higher

We’re all in hot water.

Sometimes there’s not enough water, sometimes too much. Either way, water costs for San Diegans will increase to sticker-shock level and maybe beyond, if that’s possible. And using less won’t help much.

Sewer Fees to Rise in Cardiff and Encinitas

Residents in Cardiff will see their sewer fees increase by 15 percent for each of the next four years, while central Encinitas sewer customers will see their rates go up by 19 percent for each of the next five.

The Encinitas City Council gave its initial approval to both sets of substantial price increases Wednesday, but said the increases will be revisited on an annual basis to determine if they are still warranted.

Water Agency Gives $182M to Two Projects

Two massive local water purification projects set to begin construction within the next 18 months have received up to $182 million from water wholesaler Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

How City of Phoenix, CAP Are Addressing Water Supply Issues

Arizona, much like California and other states with large deserts, is having an issue with dwindling Colorado River water levels.

With so many people living in and moving to Arizona, specifically the Phoenix area, state and local agencies are working toward water solutions, including expanding the Bartlett Dam and adding new infrastructure.