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‘Creative and Constructive’: Supervisors Advance Borrego Springs Water Rights

The Board of Supervisors Wednesday unanimously advanced a proposed ordinance amendment that would align county regulations with a court ruling in connection with water rights in the Borrego Springs community. Supervisors also voted to find that the amended ordinance complies with state Environmental Quality Act guidelines. The supervisors will consider adopting the updated ordinance during a second […]

Long Beach Gears Up to Fight Upstream Sewage Spills That Pollute Its Coastline

Long Beach had to close its coastline for 63 days over the last five years because of upstream sewage spills, but city staff told council members Tuesday that the total amount of economic or environmental damage caused by the recurring spills is hard to estimate. Beach closures caused by raw sewage are a perennial problem in Long Beach because […]

Council Member Defends Water Rate Increases for Residents

Reacting to the City Council’s recent approval of his amendment to spread out an approximately 19% increase in water rates Citywide over a longer period, District 1 Councilmember Joe LaCava (above) said it was necessary to soften the financial blow. The City Council voted 5-3 to increase water rates by 5% beginning Dec. 1, 2023, […]

The East County Advanced Water Purification project is making significant progress on construction toward its 2026 opening. Photo: East County AWPThe East County Advanced Water Purification project is making significant progress on construction toward its 2026 opening. Photo: East County AWP

East County Advanced Water Purification Project Progressing

The East County Advanced Water Purification project is progressing, with construction underway at multiple East San Diego County locations. The project will create a new, local, sustainable, and drought-proof water supply using state-of-the-art technology to purify East San Diego County’s recycled water. Construction for the East County AWP is expected to be completed in 2025, and water […]

Hilary Causes $9.3M in Damage; Imperial County Waits for Help

As federal and state lawmakers based in California continue to petition President Biden to declare a federal disaster in the wake of Tropical Storm Hilary, local assessments show Imperial County was among the hardest-hit areas in terms of property damage per capita. Overall, Imperial County received some $9.3 million in property damage during the weekend […]

Environment Report: We’re Diving Into the Western Water Wars

In two years, almost every major agreement currently keeping battle swords sheathed on the Colorado River will expire. Seven western states and Mexico will have to wrestle with the fact that there’s less water for their people and industries than before. And they have until 2026 to get new agreements to use much, much less […]

SkillBridge Program-U.S. Navy-Trevor Bland-Water Authority SkillBridge Program intern-internSkillBridge Program intern Trevor Bland was assigned as a human resources analyst with the San Diego County Water Authority in August after five years of Naval service.

Navy Vet Joins Water Authority as SkillBridge Program Intern

The San Diego County Water Authority’s new SkillBridge Program intern came ashore in the perfect location. Of all the adventures Trevor Bland’s military service has taken him on, he regards San Diego as his favorite. It is here where he enjoys physical fitness, trips to the beach and the city’s Mexican food scene. Luckily, when […]

California and the U.S.

El Niño is Coming, But Will It Be a Super One?

An El Niño winter is ahead, weather forecasters firmly believe. The question they are pondering is exactly how strong it might be. Locally, the worldwide weather factor is mostly known for directing heavy moisture toward California and the Southwest as temperatures warm several degrees across the eastern and central Pacific Ocean.

Reviewing the Record-Breaking Water Year in Northern California

Sept. 30 marks the end of a water year to remember in California. With the new water year kicking off Oct. 1, it’s worth looking back at the water year that was from record snowfall to landfalling tropical storms and everything in between.

Nine Years in, California’s Groundwater Sustainability Overhaul is Becoming a Reality

For years, conversations about the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act – known commonly as SGMA – have largely taken a tone of speculation and even apprehension. The 2014 law, which aims to slow California’s unlimited tapping of underground aquifers, gives locally organized groundwater sustainability agencies until 2042 to overhaul pumping practices for the spectrum of groundwater […]

California’s First Snow of Season is Coming to Sierra Ski Resorts

Less than two months since Mammoth Mountain’s historic ski season concluded, the first snowfall of the new season is set to arrive in the Sierra Nevada. Weather models predict a low-pressure system with Canadian roots will bring cool temperatures and rain showers to the California coast and Central Valley on Saturday. In the Sierra Nevada, […]

Where Does the Colorado River Start? Mapping the Stream From the Headwaters to the Basins.

The Colorado River crosses seven states and Mexico and is 1,450 miles long – the sixth longest in the nation according to river conservation organization American Rivers. More than a natural spectacle, the river supplies drinking water for one in 10 Americans and just half of the river water nourishes nearly 90% of the nation’s winter vegetable crops.

How Powerful Land Barons Shaped the Epic Floods in California’s Heartland

As dark clouds massed over Kings County on the chilly morning of March 18, scores of panicked farmers and landowners packed the Board of Supervisors chambers in Hanford for a third day of emergency hearings. They were there to hurl accusations and blame and to plead with county leaders to do something to divert the […]

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