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WNN-San Diego Press Club Awards-Best Website

Water News Network is Best Public Website for 4th Consecutive Year

The Water News Network was awarded first place as the Best Public Service or Consumer Advocacy Website in the 48th annual San Diego Press Club Excellence in Journalism Awards. It’s the fourth consecutive year the WNN website has won first place in that category. The award was announced during a virtual ceremony on October 25. […]

Gary Croucher-Board Chair-San Diego County Water Authority-Primary

A Model for Dealing with Climate Change

I’m so gratified to report that due to your efforts, today’s New York Times features a lengthy story recognizing the benefits of the San Diego County water reliability strategy – an approach that aligns with Gov. Newsom’s Water Resilience Portfolio. The article addresses our region’s role in the nation’s largest ag-to-urban water conservation project, along […]

Vista Irrigation District-Water Shortage Contingency Plan-drought-WaterSmart

Water Authority Prepares to Activate Water Shortage Contingency Plan

The San Diego County Water Authority is preparing to activate Level 1 – Voluntary Conservation of its Water Shortage Contingency Plan in support of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s efforts to sustain California after two record-dry years. The agency’s 36-member Board of Directors will decide at its formal monthly meeting on Oct. 28 whether to activate the […]

Every drop of water is precious. Maximizing irrigation efficiency goes a long way toward conserving our water resources. Photo: Ju Irun / Pixabay

Boost Your Irrigation IQ

To support and protect your investment in waterwise landscaping, you need to have a strong irrigation IQ and understand the basics. You’ll be able to best maintain and maximize your system’s efficiency, which is vitally important during times of drought in the San Diego region. Conventional irrigation systems can be inefficient Well-designed and operated systems […]

EPA WaterSense-QWEL-Primary-Water Conservation

Water Authority Wins National 2021 EPA WaterSense Excellence Award

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has recognized the San Diego County Water Authority with a 2021 WaterSense Excellence Award for advancing water efficiency through its Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper, or QWEL, program. The Water Authority received one of 34 WaterSense awards last week at the national WaterSmart Innovations Conference in Las Vegas. Due to the […]

Irrigation-Conservation Corner-drought-Water Conservation

Choosing Your Best Irrigation Method: Spray or Drip

Your choices in irrigation methods come down to spray or drip systems. Spray irrigation emits water in an overlapping pattern. Drip irrigation delivers water directly to the roots of plants. This question is more important than ever during a drought cycle. How do you decide which meets the needs of your landscaping? The case for […]

Gary Croucher-Board Chair-San Diego County Water Authority-Primary

Water Authority’s Ratepayer Protection Case Secures Additional $36 Million Recovery

I am pleased to announce a decision by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s Board of Directors to pay the San Diego County Water Authority damages and statutory interest for illegal water charges from 2015-2017, totaling about $36 million. MWD’s vote followed a California Court of Appeal decision upholding earlier rulings in favor of […]

Members of the Rasmusssen family (L to R) Ed, Eric, and Howard Rasmussen. Photo: San Diego County Water Authority

Dinner Table Lessons Launch Water Industry Careers

Jobs in the water and wastewater industry provide stable employment in meaningful careers, delivering a vital resource families and businesses depend on. With half of all current employees expected to retire in the next 15 years, recruitment efforts hope to fill many of these essential positions. Family ties provide a positive influence in filling these […]

Career-Otay Water District-Faces of the Water Industry

Learn About Water Industry Career Opportunities From the Pros

Looking for a challenging and satisfying career? Current and aspiring professionals can learn about water industry career opportunities through the San Diego County Water Authority’s “Faces of the Water Industry” social media outreach campaign in October.  The campaign, inspired by ACWA’s California Water Professionals Appreciation Week, highlights the San Diego region’s water and wastewater professionals […]

Inspect your sprinkler heads regularly to make sure they are not obstructed or watering onto pavement or other hardscapes. Photo: Irrigation Association

Give Your Irrigation System a Fall Checkup

Staying on top of your irrigation system – especially in the midst of a drought – can mean the difference between maximizing your water efficiency and unknowingly wasting water running down sidewalks unused into the storm drain. Follow these tips for a thorough checkup. Turn on each valve of your irrigation system and observe how […]

A large tree's roots are concentrated at the dripline, not at the trunk. This is where you should irrigate the tree through a slow release technique. Photo: Hans Braxmeier, Pixabay tree watering tips

Borrow Tree Watering Tips from Mother Nature

As drought continues to affect California, homeowners must balance two needs: preserving landscaping with irrigation while doing so as efficiently as possible to conserve water. Even when not in a drought, trees planted in a Mediterranean climate often need additional water. For the most effective irrigation, mimic the way Mother Nature provides water. Nature designed […]

Following a few smart irrigation tips will make the most of the water applied to your landscaping. Photo: Vallecitos Water District

Smart Landscape Irrigation Tips Save Water

During drought, it’s more important than ever to conserve water used for irrigation. When you follow just a few smart landscaping irrigation tips, you can get the most from every drop of water applied to your landscaping. Don’t overspray your landscaping Watch your irrigation while the system is running. Check to make sure sprinkler heads […]

Top-10-tips-Water Conservation-Drought-WaterSmart

Top 10 Tips for Saving Water This Fall

As drought conditions persist throughout the Southwest, the San Diego County Water Authority and its member agencies continue to actively support the state’s call for a 15% voluntary reduction in water use. San Diego County residents and businesses can continue WaterSmart practices this fall by following these simple and easy tips to save water.  Simple […]

Vista Irrigation District-governance-tranparency-statewide awards

Vista Irrigation District Honored for Governance and Transparency

The Vista Irrigation District has received two major statewide honors, the District of Distinction Platinum Recognition award and the Transparency Certificate of Excellence. The District of Distinction recognition is awarded by the Special District Leadership Foundation to special districts that show their commitment to good governance, transparency, prudent fiscal policies and sound operating practices. The […]

Blue animated water drop

New Digital Water Education Workbook Makes a Splash

The San Diego County Water Authority today released an interactive, digital workbook to help upper elementary students learn about the region’s most precious natural resource: water. The online digital water education workbook is the latest addition to the Water Authority’s long-running education program that has helped instill water knowledge in hundreds of thousands of students […]