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Amid Severe Drought, Former Interior Secretary Calls for Revamping Colorado River Pact

One hundred years after a landmark agreement divided the waters of the Colorado River among Western states, the pact is now showing its age as a hotter and drier climate has shrunk the river.

The flow of the Colorado has declined nearly 20% since 2000. Reservoirs have dropped to record low levels.

IID Board Initiates Process to Develop, Implement Revised Plan to Manage Water Supply

In light of the current conditions affecting the Colorado River Basin, the Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors has initiated an accelerated process to develop a plan to manage its annual water supply by apportioning it among all categories of water users.

Referred to as the revised Equitable Distribution Plan, the intent is for the plan to be effective by July 1, 2022 and retroactive to January 1 of this year. The revised plan is being developed by the district in consultation with the board’s Colorado River committee.

Las Virgenes Municipal Water District Board Approves 1-Day-Per-Week Irrigation Restrictions

The Las Virgenes Municipal Water District Board unanimously approved a drought resolution Wednesday that will limit residents outdoor irrigation to one day a week, with the restrictions taking effect June 1.

Last week, LVMWD held a virtual town hall with more than 1,300 people who shared their concerns and feedback with the district’s board of directors.

Opinion: Anti-Growth Commission Spikes Desal

By rejecting the plan for a desalination plant in Orange County last week, the California Coastal Commission surrendered to environmental interests fundamentally committed to a world of restrictions rather than abundance. Rather than embrace innovation and technology, the commission has chosen to place the interests of a few activists over the interests of Californians.

Severe Drought Could Pose Problems for U.S. Power Grid This Summer – NERC

The organization responsible for North American electric reliability warned energy shortfalls were possible this summer in California, Texas and the U.S. Midwest where extreme heat from a severe drought could cause power plants to fail.

In 2021, numerous extreme weather events stressed the U.S. power grid, including the February freeze in Texas that knocked out power to millions after freezing natural gas pipes, and record heat, drought and wildfires in the West.

More Reservoirs May Run Dry and the Great Salt Lake Will Continue to Decline, State Officials Warn

More reservoirs across Utah may run dry and the Great Salt Lake will continue to decline, state officials warned lawmakers on Wednesday.

During a briefing before the Utah State Legislature’s Natural Resources Interim Committee, lawmakers were told that 99% of Utah remains in severe or extreme drought. That’s actually an improvement over last year, when a huge chunk of the state was in “exceptional” drought — the worst category.

Sweetwater Authority Recognizes Student Photography Showcasing Water

Twelve talented photographers from South Bay schools won honors for their work creatively showcasing the importance and beauty of water in the Sweetwater Authority annual High School Photo Contest. The winners were selected from 65 students who submitted more than 150 entries in two categories: black and white and color photography.

California’s Drought, Relentless and Inexorable, Takes its Toll

With the rainy season come and gone, drought’s withered hand remained firmly fixed on California this month, as it has been, with few exceptions, for the last decade.

Woes pile up. Rain didn’t save us, the snowpack is all but gone, the Coastal Commission says no desalinating sea water, and urban-interface fires have already begun.

It’s almost summer in the Golden State.

Opinion: Did Wastewater Recycling Help Defeat the Huntington Beach Desalination Plant?

For some time, California seemed well on its way toward a water future made more secure by desalination plants up and down the coast.  A dozen are currently in operation, including the Claude “Bud” Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant, which upon opening in 2015 became the largest of its kind in the Western Hemisphere.  Ten more plants are being planned.

Gov. Newsom Pushes Need for Conservation During Visit to SoCal Water Recycling Facility

Gov. Gavin Newsom is urging Californians to find ways to reduce their water use in an effort to combat the historic drought and said upcoming conservation mandates are a priority.

The governor visited a water recycling facility Tuesday afternoon in Carson.

It was originally built as a demonstration project to recycle household wastewater and replenish groundwater supplies.