WaterSmart Living

Resources and tips to increase water-use efficiency

Making a plan of your existing landscape and evaluating site elements is key to helping you make design decisions as you start the design process. Photo: San Diego County Water Authority Six Steps to WaterSmart

Six Steps to WaterSmart Landscape Success

Every WaterSmart landscape added by a homeowner becomes a key part of the San Diego region’s water efficiency goals. By converting a turf-focused yard to a WaterSmart landscape, you have the potential to beautify your property, save money, and reduce maintenance. You also play a critical role in protecting and improving the health of our […]

WaterSmart landscapes are attractive and in balance with the regional environment and climate - and beautiful, too. Photo: San Diego County Water Authority step-by-step process

A Step-by-Step Process to a WaterSmart Landscape 

Using water efficiently is a way of life and an important responsibility in San Diego County’s beautiful Mediterranean climate. WaterSmart landscaping rethinks the way limited water resources can be used by making smart choices to reduce outdoor water use. But saving water is just one benefit of low-water-use landscaping. WaterSmart landscapes are attractive and in […]