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The latest news and analysis covering water issues in the San Diego County region and Southern California.

San Diego May Scale Back Its Ambitious Pure Water Sewage-Purification Plans — or Scrap Some Entirely

With San Diego more than half done with the first phase of its Pure Water sewage recycling system, city officials say they are considering major changes to how they will handle the second, larger phase. Construction of the first phase continues to overcome hurdles like flooding at pump stations and impenetrable boulders at tunnel sites to stay […]

California Map Shows Where People Will See Huge Increases in Water Bills

An updated map created by Newsweek shows where millions of residents in southern California counties can expect their water bills to leap by substantial amounts after another water bill rate hike this week.

Late Water Bills Hit $75 Million and Counting for San Diego, 1 Customer Owes More Than $2 Million

While thousands of San Diegans don’t get their water bills on time, the city has another problem — massive late payments. Team 10 has uncovered that unpaid bills later than four months have skyrocketed to $75 million in 2023, while four customers currently owe more than $1 million to the city.

East County Recycled Water Treatment Facility Set to Go Online in 2026

Work has been underway on a recycled water treatment project in Santee for about two years. In another two years, some East County residents will get their drinking water from the East County Advanced Water Purification program.