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The latest news and analysis covering water issues in the San Diego County region and Southern California.

Helix Water District Names Brian Olney New General Manager

The Helix Water District Board of Directors appointed Brian Olney as the organization’s new general manager, effective September 1, 2022. Olney was previously the Assistant General Manager and before that, the water district’s Director of Water Quality and System Operations.  He has 28 years of experience in the water industry.

How to Properly Install Irrigation for a New Water-Saving Home Landscape

Successfully installing water-saving irrigation starts long before you get out your tools. You need to complete an assessment of your landscape plan’s specific water needs, draw a complete plan showing the layout, then select your irrigation and purchase your irrigation equipment. If your soil needs amendments (and it almost certainly does), you must get this done first. With […]

The Cost of Clean Water: Inflation, Supply-Chain Snarls Force San Diego to Pay $80M More for Treatment Chemicals

San Diego gave emergency authorization this week to pay an extra $80 million to chemical suppliers that say they need to sharply raise prices because of pandemic-related supply-chain issues, higher fuel costs and rising costs for raw materials due to inflation. City officials say the chemicals are essential for treating sewage and keeping drinking water […]

Sewage Flows Continue in Wake of Tijuana Sewer System Collapse

U.S. and Mexican officials are doing their best to cope with two major sewage line breaks in a Tijuana canyon. As a result, Mexico shut down the pump station in the Tijuana River channel allowing more than 30 million gallons of sewage-tainted water to cross the border into the United States every day.