California and the U.S.

The latest news and analysis covering water issues in Caliornia and the rest of the United States.

OPINION: How California Can Chart New Approach To Water Woes

For all of his accomplishments, when it comes to water issues, Gov. Jerry Brown is leaving Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom with a mess. What’s needed is a paradigm shift — a change in the conversation that doesn’t pit Northern California vs. Southern California and environmentalists against farmers and urban dwellers. Consider: What if Newsom borrowed a page […]

OPINION: Voters Rejected Proposition 3. Where Now On Water?

California voters have rejected Proposition 3, the $8.9 billion water bond, sending a message to politicians. But what is that message? It can’t be that the state’s water problems have been solved. They haven’t been. It can’t be that Californians don’t care about water. Poll after poll shows we do. And it certainly doesn’t mean […]