California and the U.S.

The latest news and analysis covering water issues in Caliornia and the rest of the United States.

Last Minute Loan Keeps Drinking Water Projects Afloat

Small, failing drinking water systems got a funding life preserver among a flurry of budget bills at the chaotic end of the California legislative session. Drinking water advocates had fretted the Safe and Affordable Funding for Equity and Resilience (SAFER) program, intended to help struggling water systems in mostly poor, rural areas, would fall victim […]

California Approves New Treatment Method for Removing Nitrate from Groundwater

An innovative process that uses naturally occurring bacteria to remove nitrate from contaminated groundwater has received approval from California’s State Water Board as a treatment method. The validation stems from a recent pilot study of the Hall BioProcess™ by MIH Water Treatment, Inc. and the San Antonio Water Company in Upland, California.

OpenET: Transforming Water Management in the U.S. West With NASA Data

Building upon more than two decades of research, a new web-based platform called OpenET will soon be putting NASA data in the hands of farmers, water managers and conservation groups to accelerate improvements and innovations in water management. OpenET uses publicly available data and open source models to provide satellite-based information on evapotranspiration (the “ET” in OpenET) in areas […]

Carbon Nanotubes Developed for Super Efficient Desalination

Membrane separations have become critical to human existence, with no better example than water purification. As water scarcity becomes more common and communities start running out of cheap available water, they need to supplement their supplies with desalinated water from seawater and brackish water sources.

Struggling for Sustainability on the Colorado River

My personal connections to the Colorado River run long and deep. I grew up in San Diego during a time when virtually all of that city’s water supply came from the Colorado River. Given that two-thirds of the human body mass is comprised of water, I carried some 15 gallons of Colorado River water around in […]

Despite Dry Monsoon Season, Reservoirs Still Full

This summer, the Valley saw only two days of rain — the lowest number of days ever on record. As we head into fall, ABC15 spoke with Director of the Arizona Department of Water Resources Tom Buschatzke about what impact the dry monsoon will have on the state’s reservoirs.