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No, You Can’t Get COVID-19 From San Francisco Tap Water

Bottled water is disappearing from grocery shelves almost as fast as toilet paper, but there’s no shortage of water in California. There’s plenty flowing right out of your tap. And it’s germ-free and perfectly safe to drink. You can’t get COVID-19 from tap water.

Coronavirus Outbreak Tests Resilience Of Western Water Workforce

Water agencies throughout the West are changing their operations during the coronavirus outbreak to make sure cities and farms don’t run dry.

Water Companies Close Down Reservoirs to Combat Covid-19 Outbreak

Water companies are asking people to stay at home for the good of their health rather than visit popular sites like reservoirs during the coronavirus outbreak.

Water Companies Step Up Action to Help Customers During Coronavirus Crisis

Water companies in England and Wales have stepped up efforts to help customers who have lost their jobs or had their incomes cut during the coronavirus crisis.

British Water Chief Says Every Day Operations Key During Covid-19 Outbreak

The chief executive of British Water has told WWT that water companies’ day-to-day operations will remain critical during the coronavirus outbreak and that business continuity is key.

CDFW Awards $37 Million for Ecosystem and Watershed Restoration, Protection and Scientific Study Projects

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) today announced the selection of 40 multi-benefit ecosystem restoration and protection projects to receive funding under its Proposition 1 and Proposition 68 grant programs.