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White House Is Distributing $5.8 Billion From The Infrastructure Law For Water Projects

The Biden administration announced Tuesday that it is distributing another $5.8 billion for water infrastructure projects around the country, paid for by one of its key legislative victories.

LAFCO’s Pivotal Review of San Diego County Water Authority: A Path Towards Sustainable Water Management

Amidst the complex tapestry of Southern California’s water management issues, the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) embarks on a pivotal municipal service review (MSR) of the San Diego County Water Authority (CWA).

Water Conservation Garden Closes Amid Restructuring

The Water Conservation Garden at Cuyamaca College, a treasured community destination, has closed temporarily amid efforts to reorganize under new leadership.

Sluggish Pacific Storm Will Reach San Diego County Tuesday and Could Drop More Than 1 Inch Of Rain

A sluggish storm following an uncertain path is expected to reach San Diego County Tuesday and drop 0.6 to 1.3 inches of rain from the coast to the inland valleys, and possibly 1 inch of snow on mountain peaks, the National Weather Service said.

City of San Diego Loses Access To Water From Lake Hodges

CBS 8 is Working for You to investigate the Lake Hodges water supply, after receiving a huge response to our report on the release of more than 600 million gallons of water into the ocean.

MSR for CWA To Include Voting and Rate Structures, Links Between Projects and Needs

San Diego County’s Local Agency Formation Commission is in the process of developing a municipal service review for the San Diego County Water Authority, and a presentation at the Feb. 5 LAFCO meeting noted that the MSR would focus on the SDCWA voting and rate structures and alignment between CWA projects and actual needs.

The Innovative Ways California Is Improving Its Underground Water Storage

As of mid-February, the Sacramento area has now received more than a foot of rain in the current water season. The rain and snowfall from this winter’s storms have been swelling rivers, adding to the Sierra Nevada snowpack and hopefully replenishing reservoirs.

How Much Rain Has Runoff Into San Diego Reservoirs In Recent Weeks?

To say it rained a lot this year is an understatement and the reservoirs in the City of San Diego have been filling up. To get a better idea on that we talked with Drew Kleis, San Diego’s public utilities assistant director. He said he likes the impressive rainfall totals.

Trio of Winter Storms Blesses California with Snow and Water Supplies

The first storm is expected to arrive today, February 15, 2024, with the second and third following closely behind. Each storm promises a significant amount of snowfall, which will undoubtedly impact the region’s roads and the lives of those who call this beautiful area home. The Sierra Nevada, known for its stunning landscapes, will be the recipient of multiple feet of snow, a much-needed boon for the area’s snowpack.

Lake Mead Hits 1,075 Feet, Where The Water Shortage Started In The First Place

Lake Mead is the highest it’s been since May 4, 2021, climbing Wednesday to 1,075 feet — the threshold for a water shortage, according to the federal government. It’s symbolic, not an end to the water shortage. And it has been cause for celebration at the lake, even if it’s short-lived.