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Pipelines Assessed in Record Time with Latest Technology

The San Diego County Water Authority’s asset management team recently celebrated the completion of a comprehensive condition assessment of more than 27 miles of the agency’s oldest pipelines. The assessment was performed in record time over just 16 months.

Imperial Irrigation District Seeks Salton Sea Consideration In Lawsuit Over Colorado River Water

The Imperial Irrigation District has filed its opening brief in a case against the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California that it launched last year in an attempt to halt the implementation of the Lower Basin Drought Contingency Plan for the Colorado River. IID wants to see it paused until the Salton Sea is also considered.

Landmark Groundwater Act Enters a Crucial Period

As Covid-19 and social unrest dominates news headlines, another problem beneath Central Valley residents’ feet is coming to surface. This was the first year plans had to be submitted for many irrigation districts through the state of California as part of 2014’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.

California Nut Farmers Burdened By Huge Supply, Low Demand

The coronavirus pandemic has touched nearly every corner of California’s society and its economy — including the state’s nut farmers, who are blessed with a bounty of ripe fruit but cursed by plummeting demand for their product.

Reclamation’s Burman Urges Cooperation On Water

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Brenda Burman says she’d like to see more cooperation from California officials as talks aim to resolve a legal dispute over competing biological opinions governing the management of their respective water projects.

New Models Detail How Major Rivers Will Respond to Changing Environmental Conditions

From the Nile to the Mississippi and from the Amazon to the Yangzi, human civilization is inextricably linked to the great rivers along which our societies developed. But rivers are mutable, and the benefits they bestow can quickly become disasters when these waterways change course.

House Rolls Out Sweeping Bipartisan NDAA Amendment Targeting Toxic Chemicals On Bases

House lawmakers presented an extensive amendment to the annual defense spending bill targeting harmful chemicals that have contaminated hundreds of military bases.