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Climate Change, Cost and Competition for Water Drive Settlement Over Tribal Rights to Colorado River

A Native American tribe with one of the largest outstanding claims to water in the Colorado River basin is closing in on a settlement with more than a dozen parties, putting it on a path to piping water to tens of thousands of tribal members in Arizona who still live without it.

Newsom Wants to Build A $16-Billion Water Tunnel. Will It Destroy California’s Delta?

In the heart of California, at the place where two great rivers converge beneath the Tule fog, lies the linchpin of one of the largest water supply systems in the world.

California’s Triumph: Water Conservation Efforts Lead to Replenished Reserves

In recent years, California has faced significant environmental challenges, notably its battle against prolonged drought conditions. However, the tide seems to be turning, with reports indicating a notable shift towards sustainable water management and conservation practices across the state.

California’s Urban Runoff Flows Down The Drain. Can The Drought-plagued State Capture More Of It?

California fails to capture massive amounts of stormwater rushing off city streets and surfaces that could help supply millions of people a year, according to a new analysis released today.

From Mammoth to Tahoe, Powerful Blizzard Could Sock Sierra With Up To 12 Feet of Snow

A powerful storm expected to hit California starting Thursday could bring the strongest blizzard of the winter for the Sierra Nevada, potentially dumping 5 to 12 feet of snow at elevations 5,000 feet above sea level.

Funding Could be Biggest Hurdle Faced by The Delta Tunnel as Water Users Weigh Costs Versus Benefits ff The $16 Billion Project

The controversial Delta Conveyance Project may have bigger problems than legal action over its recently approved environmental impact report.  Who’s going to pay the estimated $16 billion price tag?

OPINION – California Needs Reliable Water Supply, but Climate Change Brings More Uncertainty

There’s no issue more important to California than having a reliable supply of water, but the situation is increasingly uncertain from both immediate and long-term perspectives.

How California’s Rainy Season Is Shaping Up So Far

With its Mediterranean climate, California receives most of its annual precipitation in just a few months, with the bulk of it falling from December to February.

US City Could Run Out of Water by December

Historic drought across the United States is leaving some cities desperate for answers. Coalinga, California, is expected to run out of water by December.

California Takes Aim at Water Conservation Through HOA Turf Regulation

In the heart of California, a new mandate is reshaping the landscape of Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and how they manage their communal green spaces. On a sunny afternoon, Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 1572 into law, marking a significant shift towards water conservation in the Golden State.