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Giant New Calif. Reservoir Plan Would Bring Water to 24 Million People

California’s reservoirs are not only vital to the state’s complex water systems, providing millions of people and the state’s agricultural economy with needed access to water; they’re also important gauges for how healthy the state is overall. This year’s at-capacity reservoirs have been a boon for a region besieged by drought over much of the past decade, but more work is needed to help ensure a plentiful and water-wise future for the most populous state in America.

Newsom’s Delta Pitch: It’s For The Climate

Gov. Gavin Newsom has a new sales pitch for a tunnel to move more water south from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta that past governors have tried and failed to build for five decades.

Sacramento, Other California Cities Would Have to Conserve Far Less Water In New Rules

Sacramento and cities across California caught a break from the state’s water regulator this week after the agency faced criticism that its water conservation rules were too complicated and costly to meet.

Funding Could be Biggest Hurdle Faced by The Delta Tunnel as Water Users Weigh Costs Versus Benefits ff The $16 Billion Project

The controversial Delta Conveyance Project may have bigger problems than legal action over its recently approved environmental impact report.  Who’s going to pay the estimated $16 billion price tag?

Experts Urge California To Avoid Pitfalls In Water Deals In The Delta

Some of the thorniest debates over water in California revolve around the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, where pumps send water flowing to farms and cities, and where populations of native fish have been declining.

Grim Tally From State Offers Most Detailed Extent Of Storm Damage In San Diego Yet

The first official accounting of damage in San Diego County from the torrential Jan. 22 storms estimated that more than 800 homes were impacted by flooding, and local schools across the region sustained an estimated $4 million in damage.

Court Ruling May Threaten Contentious California Delta Water Tunnel Project

A California judge says a 60-year-old law does not give the state permission to borrow the billions of dollars it would need to build a large water project, a decision that could threaten a key source of funding for a controversial plan backed by Gov. Gavin Newsom to build a massive underground tunnel that would reroute a big part of the state’s supply.

Newsom Administration Advances Delta Tunnel Project Despite Environmental Opposition

In the face of heavy opposition from environmental groups, Gov. Gavin Newsom and his administration are pushing forward with a controversial plan to build a 45-mile water tunnel beneath the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta — a project the governor says is vital to modernizing the state’s aging water system.

Opinion: It’s About Time California Built the Sites Reservoir

California’s state government began drawing up plans for Sites Reservoir in the Sacramento Valley 70 years ago. And it still only exists on paper.

So, kudos to Gov. Gavin Newsom for deciding that it’s finally time to put this tardy project on the fast track.

Fast track means there’ll be limited time for any opponent to contest the project in court on environmental grounds.

California Irrigation Bills 50/50 for Signature Into Law

For California, a mixed bag of results on irrigation regulation has occurred with the signature of Assembly Bill 1572 into law by California Governor Gavin Newsom, while Assembly Bill 1573 was ordered to the inactive file by the state’s Senate. 

The two bills each had different aims to address conservation measures in California and targeted various irrigation methods as a means of advancing that effort.