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Carlsbad Desal Plant Workers Begin Shelter-In-Place

As of Friday, 10 workers are quarantined inside the Claude “Bud” Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant for the next three weeks, monitoring and adjusting gauges and switches, watching for leaks, and doing whatever is needed to safeguard San Diego County’s only significant local source of drinking water.

County Water Agencies Coordinate Operations to Protect Drinking Water

The San Diego County Water Authority and its 24 member agencies said Wednesday they have increased regional coordination to ensure the coronavirus pandemic does not impact water service in the region.

The water authority has activated its emergency operations center to ensure a coordinated response to any water supply problem that emerges. But officials stressed that there’s no evidence that the virus is transmitted through treated water.

“In these unprecedented times, the region’s water agencies are collaborating in complete solidarity to perform our vital mission of providing safe and reliable water supplies,” said Sandra L. Kerl, general manager of the water authority. “We are taking strategic, precautionary steps to ensure the region’s water security.”

We Can No Longer Rely on Historical Data to Predict Extreme Weather

Floods and other dangerous weather extremes are only getting more intense and more frequent as our climate warms. Historically, we’ve always been able to predict these extremes by looking at how often they occurred in the past. But a new study published Wednesday in Science Advances reveals just how many of those forecasts actually fall short. In just a decade, the findings suggest, the climate has shifted so drastically that the frequency of past extreme events is no longer a reliable predictor.

Active Pattern to Bring Rain and Snow to the West in the Week Ahead

More rain and mountain snow will move through the West, including communities in worsening drought, in the early part of the week ahead. This wet pattern began when an area of low pressure moved into the California coast on Sunday. It brought more than an inch of rain to much of the Los Angeles area.

Can Carbon Credits Save Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Islands and Protect California’s Vital Water Hub?

The islands of the western Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta are sinking as the rich peat soil that attracted generations of farmers dries out and decays. As the peat decomposes, it releases tons of carbon dioxide – a greenhouse gas – into the atmosphere. As the islands sink, the levees that protect them are at increasing risk of failure, which could imperil California’s vital water conveyance system.