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California Coastal Waters Rising in Acidity at Alarming Rate, Study Finds

Waters off the California coast are acidifying twice as fast as the global average, scientists found, threatening major fisheries and sounding the alarm that the ocean can absorb only so much more of the world’s carbon emissions.

WaterSmart Contractor Incentive Program

New Rebates For WaterSmart Irrigation Devices in San Diego County

A new rebate program for irrigation devices is available to qualified landscape contractors in San Diego County.

The WaterSmart Contractor Incentive Program, or WSCIP, is designed to help commercial, public and agricultural property owners improve water-use efficiency in large landscapes, through rebates for irrigation hardware upgrades. School districts, universities, and other organizations are also eligible.

WaterSmart offers water efficiency programs, services and incentives for residents, businesses and farmers in San Diego County.

Rebates for innovative irrigation devices

Qualifying project sites must include at least one acre of irrigated landscape. The rebates are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

“The incentive program was designed to be business-friendly and is part of the Water Authority’s focus on long-term water-use efficiency,” said Efren Lopez, a water resources specialist with the Water Authority, who manages the new program and the Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper Program.

The WaterSmart Contractor Incentive Program is a large landscape and technology-focused program, which targets qualified landscape contractors and self-managed sites. The Water Authority’s mission is to improve water-use efficiency in large landscapes by retrofitting irrigation devices.

The program offers a comprehensive package of innovative irrigation devices. Bundling these four items leads to the greatest water efficiency, but at least two items must be installed to participate in the rebate program.

Rebates are offered for the following devices:

  • Smart Irrigation Controllers           $35 per station
  • High Efficiency Sprinkler Nozzles  $6 per nozzle
  • Flow Sensors                                    $60 per sensor
  • Drip Irrigation                                   $0.20 per square foot

The program is funded through Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s Member Agency Administered Program. To enroll, or for more information, go to or call (888) 521-9763.

Commentary: How San Diego Water Agency is Seeking to Protect Ratepayers

The San Diego County Water Authority’s Board of Directors is committed to resolving litigation over rates and charges with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. After months of detailed, confidential settlement discussions with best efforts by both parties, no settlement has yet been reached. However, the Water Authority remains optimistic about finding a resolution — all the more so after the Metropolitan board voted on Tuesday to spend $285.6 million in support of the City of San Diego’s Pure Water project.

San Diego Projects Improve Water Quality, Fish Habitat

Two projects underway will enhance fish habitat and water quality at Murray Reservoir.

The reservoir in Mission Trails Regional Park is owned by the City of San Diego and operated by its Public Utilities Department.

“As stewards of the area, it is important for us to improve and enhance the environment in and around Murray Reservoir,” said Shauna Lorance, director of the San Diego Public Utilities Department. “Working closely with state and local agencies allows us to better achieve this goal.”

OPINION: Choosing a Backup Battery System in the New Age of California’s Public Safety Power Shutoffs

In California this fall, utilities cut power to more than 3 million people to help prevent their power lines from causing wildfires. In the aftermath, the state has seen a rush on requests for battery systems, as many homeowners with solar have realized that their solar panels will not work when the grid is down.

Report: Sea Level Could Rise At Least 7 Feet Along California’s Coastline by 2100

A new report from the California Legislative Analyst’s Office has some sobering news when it comes to sea level rise.

The report found that ocean water could rise by seven feet or more by the end of this century, and it said local governments up and down the state are not doing nearly enough to meet the challenge.

County Water Authority Makes SAWR Permanent

The San Diego County Water Authority has a program called the Transitional Special Agricultural Water Rate, and the SDCWA will be transitioning the TSAWR into a permanent program.

A unanimous CWA board vote on Nov. 21 approved making the SAWR permanent. An annual review of the SAWR will be conducted in conjunction with other rates and charges and the cost of service process to determine SAWR rates is expected to be completed in spring 2020.

Santana: Brea’s Secretive Water Agency Draws Court Challenge

Brea city council members this week will head behind closed doors to debate whether they should continue keeping residents in the dark about city appointees to a secretive water agency, Cal Domestic Water, which provides water for residents citywide.

Opinion: The Truth About the Tijuana River Pollution Problem

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