Garden Mastery: The Expense Hiding In Your Garden

Irrigation, by definition, is to “supply land with water” from the Latin word irrigatus.

As you are probably aware, water rates in San Diego went up by 5 percent in December 2023, followed by another 4 percent increase on Jan. 1 With the scarcity of water increasing, rates will likely continue to rise. Following are seven actions the home gardener can take to reduce their water use and water bill.

What services does your water bill cover? Approximately 59 percent of the public utilities fiscal year 2024.

California Ranked ‘Greenest’ U.S. State Thanks to Water Conservation, EVs and Rooftop Solar

California ranks as the “greenest” state in America thanks to rooftop solar, water conservation and electric vehicles, according to a report released Wednesday by the WalletHub personal finance website.

Michael Smolens: Let’s Make a (Water) Deal!

San Diego County Water Authority opens negotiations to sell some of its surplus to a small district in southern Orange County. It’s another step in a new direction for the agency.

Southern California Water Supplier Offers $500 Rebates for Tree Planting in Turf Replacement Projects

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has introduced a significant incentive to encourage residents and businesses to plant trees, offering up to $500 in rebates. This move is part of an enhancement to their existing turf-replacement program, aimed at reducing water usage and improving urban canopy coverage across the region.

Facing Future of Shortages, Colorado River Users Dream of Making More Water

How does one generate more water in a desert? For Pilar Harris, senior director for corporate social responsibility and government relations at Formula 1, the question arose while she planned for the Las Vegas Grand Prix’s first drag race around the city’s famed Strip.

WaterSmart Makeover: Prize-winning ‘Nana’s Garden’ Is A Vision Focused On Variety

There was a time when Lois and Jeff Scott’s El Cajon front yard was awash in lawn, from the street to just a few feet from the house itself, where a bed grew roses and a large rosemary bush.

Saving Rain Water To Help Southern California

KCAL News reporter Joy Benedict shows how saving rainwater plays a large part in conservation in Southern California.

California’s Proposed Water Conservation Rules Too Stringent And Costly, Analysts Say

California’s legislative advisers on Friday lambasted the state’s ambitious proposal to regulate urban water conservation, calling the measures costly and difficult to achieve, “in many cases without compelling justifications.”

Water Conservation Garden to Run Out of Money Soon; Executive Director Resigns Amid Financial Turmoil

The Water Conservation Garden will run out of money as early as mid-December, the nonprofit organization Friends of The Water Conservation Garden stated at an October 24 meeting of the Water Conservation Garden Joint Powers Authority,  the consortium of public utility and governmental entities that oversees the Friends.

From Flush to Faucet: More Places Look to Turn Sewage Into Tap Water

After an Orange County resident flushes her toilet, the water flows through the Southern California community’s sewer system, meanders its way to the sanitation plant, has its solids removed, is piped to a wastewater recycling facility next door and undergoes three different purification processes until it is clean enough to drink.