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California Unveils Research into ‘Floating Solar’ Project Over Major Canal

Canals in California may soon feature a new look — solar panel canopies, designed to stop evaporation and soak up the sun’s rays, created under a new project funded with help from the federal government to boost green energy infrastructure.

Court Upholds California Rules to Protect Fish, But Newsom Wants a Lenient Delta Approach

A Sacramento judge upheld a decision by California’s water regulator to cut back agricultural and municipal water use from the San Joaquin River. The decision could lend support for future regulations in the rest of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta system.

Evacuation Warnings Issued, Emergency Proclaimed With Huge Storm Expected to Drop 2 To 4 Inches of Rain In San Diego County

The massive storm moving into Southern California is slowing down and gaining strength and will likely drop 2 to 4 inches of rain across San Diego County between late Monday afternoon to late Tuesday night, the National Weather Service said.

Dry, Sunny San Diego Was Hit With Damaging Floods. What’s Going On? Is It Climate Change?

For the second time in a month, torrential flooding returned to Southern California this week with El Niño-fueled rains rolling in off the Pacific Ocean. This time San Diego felt the punch. The city, known for weather “the closest thing to perfect in America,” experienced one of its wettest days on record.

SoCal Sees Two ‘Thousand-year’ Storms Within Weeks. More Could Be Coming

Weather officials had been warning Californians about the wrath of El Niño for months — even as some residents had begun to think the typically soaking climate pattern had gone AWOL.

‘Thousand-year Storm’ Leaves San Diego Reeling From Punishing Rainfall, Floods

In a matter of minutes Monday morning, communities across southeastern San Diego were transformed into disaster zones: Families fled their homes in chest-deep floodwaters; vehicles were swept downstream as roads became rivers; residents cried for help from their rooftops.

Morning Report: As Water Recedes, Damage Remains

Monday’s monster storm made Jan. 22 the fourth wettest day in San Diego since at least 1850. All told, an incredible 2.73 inches of rain washed over San Diego. From Southcrest to Ocean Beach to Carlsbad, flash floods swept the region, leaving millions in damages in their wake.

OPINION – Clean Drinking Water is a Human Right. Why Are So Many California Communities Without It?

Barely a month after he took office in 2019, Gov. Gavin Newsom journeyed to a rural school in the Central Valley and stood by chance against a backdrop more prescient than he had planned: a classroom whiteboard that posed the “Essential Question — How do you respond to challenges?”

More Concerning Than The Nanoplastics In Water Bottles Are The Chemicals On Them

They are used to give plastic products their distinctive durability, bendability and sleek, nonstick surface. Yet some of these chemical additives have been tied to maladies such as breast and prostate cancer, heart disease and diabetes, as well as problems with children’s brain development and adult fertility.

What Lies Beneath (Is It Cadiz?)

When do you get labor icon Dolores Huerta attacking a press conference attended by NAACP leaders? When it’s about water — which as we know is for fighting, not drinking. A press conference yesterday at the Capitol, put on by the group Groundswell and attended by state Sen. Steven Bradford and NAACP regional president Rick Callender, is raising environmentalists’ hackles.