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New Plan Aims to Fight Chronic Flooding During Rainstorms in Parts of San Diego

San Diego is trying to reduce chronic flooding in neighborhoods like Mission Valley, Sorrento Valley and the Tijuana River Valley with a comprehensive new plan to streamline the clearing of clogged stormwater channels across the city.

Two Ways to Measure Annual Rainfall

Last Tuesday marked the end of the 2019 rain year, which runs from July 1 through June 30. Wednesday was the start of the 2020 rain year.

The 2018 rainfall season that occurred from July 1, 2018, through June 30, 2019, produced 15.68 inches of rain at the Santa Maria Public Airport, or about 121% of normal.

House Rejects Trump Cuts, Proposes Boost for Environmental Agencies

The Democratic-led House Appropriations Committee on Monday proposed a funding bump for the Interior Department and Environmental Protection Agency, soundly rejecting cuts proposed by President Trump.

Niland: In Search of a Miracle

It has been a week since a devastating fire ripped through Niland, demoralizing a poor community already suffering from a pandemic quarantine. Douglas Kline, principal of Grace Elementary, Niland’s only school, spoke about the onslaught.

Central Arizona Housing Boom Tees Up Opportunity for Water Investors

Central Arizona has been booming – more people, more houses, more need for water. There’s also a long-term drought and less water to buy from the Central Arizona Project canal system. It’s leading Phoenix exurbs to cast about, looking for new buckets.

Scientists Affirm Adequacy of Kern Fracking Reviews

Bay Area scientists have signed off on a series of fracking permits in western Kern County, allowing the well-completion technique to proceed after Gov. Gavin Newsom put in place new, time-consuming review procedures prompted by environmental concerns and regulatory conflict-of-interest accusations.