Some San Diego Area Schools are Testing Wastewater, Floors for Coronavirus

UC San Diego has created a wastewater and surface coronavirus testing program designed specifically for schools in disadvantaged communities hard-hit by COVID.

The testing not only allows for faster results than traditional COVID testing, but UC San Diego researchers say it could be less costly and easier to implement in communities with families who may not want their children tested in schools, out of fear or a lack of trust.

Boise Joins International Study To Test Coronavirus Levels In Wastewater

One of the biggest unknowns about coronavirus is how it spreads within a community, especially with asymptomatic carriers and minimal testing capabilities. In a new international effort, the City of Boise in partnership with the lab Biobot, has started sampling the city’s wastewater system to collect data on community levels of COVID-19.

Is It Safe to Come Out of Lockdown? Check the Sewer

Wastewater could provide early, painless and localized data about the rise or fall of coronavirus levels.

California Allocates $5 Million for Lead Testing in California Child Care Centers

The State Water Resources Control Board has executed an agreement to provide approximately $5 million in grant funds for testing and remediation of lead in drinking water at licensed Child Care Centers in California.

Sewage Monitoring Could Provide Covid-19 Early Warning

Wastewater in sewage systems could provide a quicker and earlier indication of the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the Covid-19 virus, claim scientists working with Northumbrian Water and global partners.

Coronavirus: Worker at San Jose Wastewater Plant Tests Positive; 17 Quarantined

Highlighting the threat that coronavirus poses to basic public health systems around California and the nation, a worker at San Jose’s wastewater treatment plant — a facility that treats the sewage from 1.5 million people in San Jose and seven other cities — has tested positive for COVID-19.