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How is This Year’s Water Year is Shaping Up? Where Does the State’s Water Supply Stand?

We’ve been fortunate this season to pick up a beneficial amount of rain and snow across Northern California.

Of course, our current season does not near the 2022-2023 season, which had a record 33.56 inches of precipitation, but two back-to-back wet seasons never hurt a drought-prone Golden State.

Jennifer Pierre Wants More Water

Despite this year’s deep snowpack, record-setting rainstorms and consequently full reservoirs, the 27 water agencies she represents as general manager of the State Water Contractors are getting just 40 percent of their contracted deliveries, as we reported earlier this week.

How California’s Rainy Season Is Shaping Up So Far

With its Mediterranean climate, California receives most of its annual precipitation in just a few months, with the bulk of it falling from December to February.

How Much Did This Week’s Storms Help California’s Water Supply?

The historic and destructive storms that ravaged California this week have significantly boosted the state’s snowpack and water year outlook after a relatively dry start to the season, state water managers say.

Here’s How Much Water Sunday’s Storm Added To California’s Snowpack.

Sunday’s powerful storm brought a big boost to the Sierra snowpack. Here’s a look at some weekend totals and an update to the snowpack water content. On Monday morning, ski resorts in the Tahoe Basin and along the Sierra Crest were reporting two to four feet of snow since Saturday morning.

California Reservoirs Get Boost From Recent Storms. Here’s What Experts Say We Still Need

Our recent wet trend has brought a boost to our state’s water supply, and we may be heading into another stretch of wet weather in February. So how are our reservoirs doing?

Here’s How Much California’s Sierra Snowpack Has Grown After Recent Storms

Recent Sierra storms have helped to build up California’s snowpack after a very slow start this winter. According to data published on the Department of Water Resources’ California Data Exchange Center, the statewide snowpack is now at 42% of the average for the date. On Jan. 1, the water content in the snow was just 28% of the average.

California Snowpack Is Below Average, a Complete Turnaround from Last Year

California’s first snowpack measurement of 2024 is underwhelming with levels well below normal for this time of year. It is quite a change from a year ago when Phillips Station near Lake Tahoe was buried under 4 1/2 feet of snow. This year there were brown patches poking through the snow as the meager snowpack failed to completely cover the ground.

Report: Water Risks Threaten U.S. Agriculture

U.S. agriculture is at risk from climatic extremes and groundwater over-extraction, says a new report from the Environmental Defense Fund.

Lake Mead Dropping to New Low in 2025, Projections Show

A month ago, predictions for Lake Mead’s future were reassuring. Now, the federal government is forecasting the lake will drop to a new low in less than two years.

A “most probable” report released Wednesday by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation predicts the lake will be down to 1,040.77 feet in September 2025. That’s nearly a foot lower than Lake Mead was on July 27, 2022 — and the lowest the lake has been since it was filled in the 1930s.