Colorado is Known for Heavy March Snow, One Storm Ended Record Drought in 2003

Get ready for a lot of chatter this week about Colorado’s weather, especially on social media. Computer forecast models show the potential for a high-impact winter storm moving into the state sometime after Wednesday. As we see it now this storm could drop a large amount of moisture and it could be mostly in the form of snow, so it is something you will want to pay close attention to this week.

California Storm Dumps Up to 70 Inches of Snow, Making Small Dent in Massive Snowpack Deficit

The week started with extreme snow in the Sierra Nevada, where a powerful high altitude storm system brought more than 60 inches of snow to California’s highest peaks. Winds over 100 mph battered the Sierra Ridge as fee of snow piled high, sparking avalanche concerns and forcing the closure of Interstate 80. Visibility at time plummeted to near zero.