IID’s New Coachella Valley Energy Commission Tackles Energy, Water Divide

Seeking to stave off legislation that would force Riverside County representation on its board of directors, the Imperial Irrigation District on Thursday convened the first meeting of its new Coachella Valley Energy Commission.

Undera long-term agreement with the Coachella Valley Water District, IID provides electrical power to 100,000 Coachella Valley residents. That pact expires in 2033, and the new commission’s overarching goal is to hammer out a way forward for those customers.

“As we approach the end of a 99-year arrangement … we must work together and adapt to changing circumstances and plan for a future of mutual benefit,” said IID Board of Directors Vice President J.B. Hamby, who chairs the new commission. “That’s not just overcoming perceived differences between Coachella and Imperial Valleys, but within the Coachella Valley as well. Our task is to overcome geography, wealth, backgrounds, and past differences as we plan our shared future.”

Coalition Urges Protection for Shrinking Colorado River

A group that included environmentalists, elected leaders and officials from business and agriculture gathered Thursday morning to put forth a slate of demands for a new approach to managing the Colorado River.

“We’re here to say, ‘Damn the status quo. No more business as usual,’ ” Kyle Roerink, executive director of the Great Basin Water Network, said from a makeshift lectern in a parking lot just above the Hoover Dam.

Management of the river, which feeds Lake Mead and serves 40 million people in seven states and Mexico, has failed and the approach must be revised, Roerink said.

IID Director JB Hamby Appointed to Colorado River Board of California

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s office, by way of written communication, has notified Imperial Irrigation District Board Vice President JB Hamby of his appointment to the State’s Colorado River Board, according to a recent IID press release.

“I am thankful to my colleagues on the IID Board for nominating me to serve as IID’s representative on the Colorado River Board of California,” said Director Hamby in the release. “In this role, I will have the opportunity to represent both IID as the largest user on the river and California as the largest State on the river.”

IID Board to Seat Two New Faces, Current Board Members Look to the Future

The Imperial Irrigation District focuses on providing water and energy supply to Imperial County and some parts of Riverside and San Diego counties. Recent elections had two open seats for the IID Board of Directors — Divisions 2 and 4, which were filled by Bruce Kuhn and Erik Ortega respectively.

With the incumbents’ loss, the two open seats have been filled by JB Hamby for Division 2, and Javier Gonzalez for Division 4.

Despite the possible challenges ahead of having two new faces on the Board, IID’s website states their goal is to “protect the Imperial Valley’s water rights and energy balancing authority.”

Outsiders Are Wary of San Diego’s Multibillion-Dollar Pipeline Plan

Opposition is building against San Diego’s dream of erecting a $5 billion pipeline to the Colorado River in the name of resource independence.

Election Results: IID Heading for a Shakeup While Incumbents Holding on at Coachella Valley Water Boards

Water districts races in the Coachella Valley on the Nov. 3 ballot saw all their incumbents holding onto leads by Wednesday afternoon, but Imperial Irrigation District’s board of directors appeared to be headed for a board shakeup.