Can Mission Valley Handle 50,000 More Residents?

Mission Valley is not a model community — but it could be.

By 2050, the town that is mostly commercial in function and primarily navigated by cars should be practically unrecognizable. It’ll be a walker’s paradise and a safe haven for bicyclists. More importantly, the region will serve as the archetype of a new kind of neighborhood, one where people of varying income levels will want to ditch their cars, take the trolley and live near their jobs.

OPINION: Environmental Laws Don’t Impede Development

San Diego County, like the rest of California, is facing an affordable housing crisis of unprecedented proportions. But in the push to build more housing, officials should be careful not to throw out laws that have long served the state and our region. Developers and polluters have for years pointed to the California Environmental Quality Act, or CEQA, as an impediment to development and industry. Instead of cleaning up their act to serve the people of California, they continue to push the same misinformation intended to weaken one of California’s most successful environmental laws.