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Water Recycling Gets a Boost in Southern California With New Federal Funding

The Biden administration has announced that Southern California’s plan to build the largest wastewater recycling plant in the nation will be supported by $99.2 million in federal funds, an investment that officials said represents a down payment toward making the region more resilient to the effects of climate change.

‘Mexico Does Not Deserve Money’ Until Water Debt to Us is Paid, Lawmaker Says

U.S. Rep. Monica De La Cruz, R-Texas, gave a fiery speech on the House floor Wednesday urging her fellow lawmakers to withhold funds to Mexico until it sends the water it owes to South Texas and the United States.

‘Water Bank’ Sought to Maintain Flow to South Texas Cities in Drought

The head of a South Texas planning group is proposing that a “water bank” be formed so smaller cities can get water from larger cities with surplus supplies and keep it flowing in South Texas.

Like Water Sloshing in a Giant Bathtub, El Niño Begins an Inevitable Retreat

A few weeks ago, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology declared that the Pacific Ocean is no longer in an El Niño state and has returned to “neutral.” American scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have been more hesitant, but they estimate that there is an 85% chance that the Pacific will enter a neutral state in the next two months and a 60% chance that a La Niña event will begin by August.

Tracking California’s Water Supplies

The American Southwest recently experienced its driest period in 1,200 years. Storms in the winter of 2023 eased some of California’s extreme drought conditions, but officials stress that conservation should remain a way of life.

This page tracks hydrological conditions, precipitation, the Sierra snowpack and the largest reservoirs serving the state.

North America’s Biggest City is Running Out of Water

Mexico City is parched.

After abysmally low amounts of rainfall over the last few years, the reservoirs of the Cutzamala water system that supplies over 20 percent of the Mexican capital’s 22 million residents’ usable water are running out.

California Faces Soaring Water Bills Amidst Drought Challenges

As Californians brace themselves for scorching summers and decreasing water reserves, a recent announcement has sent ripples of concern through households and businesses all throughout Southern California. The latest water bill hike is set to take effect this summer, and it threatens to burden millions with substantial increases in their monthly expenses.

Advancing Water Reuse In The U.S.: States Develop Potable Reuse Regulations

Water reuse is happening around the world, from Australia to the UK to Singapore. And it’s gaining more traction in the U.S., especially in states that face drought, population growth, or are more susceptible to climate change.

California’s Largest Reservoir Is Almost Completely Full

Lake Shasta is nearly full, according to a chart depicting current conditions at California’s major reservoirs.

After years of drought, several reservoirs in California reached concerningly low water levels in the summer of 2022. However, an abnormally wet winter last year alleviated much of the state’s drought and replenished the lakes.

California, San Diego Out of Drought Danger, For Now

Californians don’t have to worry too much about drought for the foreseeable future.

The state’s Department of Water Resources said Tuesday’s snowpack survey revealed the snowfall in the Sierra Nevada mountains is above average at roughly 113%.