When Will El Niño Peak?

National forecasters made it official this month: El Niño is here. But we might not feel the effects of it just yet. “Historically El Niño events during the summer tend to have very weak impacts over the United States,” explained National Weather Service meteorologist Michelle L’Heureux.

Amid California’s Drought Turmoil, Lawmakers Praise Water Board Chair

The Senate Rules Committee last week unanimously approved Gov. Gavin Newsom’s reappointment of Joaquin Esquivel as chair of the State Water Resources Control Board. Esquivel fielded questions from senators covering a range of contentious issues the administration has been grappling with across two presidential administration and an extreme drought.

Water-Related Conflicts Set to Rise Amid Demand Growth and Climate Impacts

From Yemen to India, and parts of Central America to the African Sahel, about a quarter of the world’s people face extreme water shortages that are fueling conflict, social unrest and migration, water experts said on Wednesday.

With the world’s population rising and climate change bringing more erratic rainfall, including severe droughts, competition for scarcer water is growing, they said, with serious consequences.