Could Recycled Water be the Answer to California’s Future Droughts?

When conserving water isn’t enough, water engineers are looking to reuse water we already have.

After Another Wet Winter, is The West Still Facing a Water Crisis?

Time is running out for the West’s wet season, but recent storms have done wonders for the snowpack and the drought across much of the region, especially in California.

Explainer: How Has The Recent Wet Weather Affected California’s Drought?

When it comes to rainfall, California has already had an active start to the year. Since the water year began on Oct. 1, San Diego International Airport has received 8.82 inches of rain. That’s compared to the annual average of 9.79 inches.

Water Regulation in the Western States: California’s 2023 Legislative Proposal Highlights

An ongoing, historic drought in California has compelled California state legislators to rethink the state’s long-standing treatment of water rights. While the recent heavy snowpack and wet spring and summer have alleviated the extreme drought conditions for now, the changing climate leaves California susceptible to future long and extreme droughts.

‘Snow Drought’ Darkening California’s Water Outlook

Despite a spate of recent storms, scientists say California needs more winterlike weather to bolster its water supply and avoid another drought.

California Farms Dried Up a River for Months. Nobody Stopped Them.

During California’s most recent drought, officials went to great lengths to safeguard water supplies, issuing emergency regulations to curb use by thousands of farms, utilities and irrigation districts.

Colorado Lawmakers Move to Ban Nonfunctional Turf Planting

State lawmakers are advancing a bill that would prohibit the planting of new, nonfunctional turf.

If the bill passes next year, it would prohibit local and state governments and unit owners associations from allowing the planting of nonfunctional turf or nonnative plants or installing artificial turf in commercial, institutional or industrial properties beginning in 2025.

Could Seafloor Desalination Be a Drought Solution?

A water district known for supplying celebrities and affluent communities like Hidden Hills and Calabasas is trying a new approach for collecting fresh water.

The Las Virgenes Municipal Water district is studying the feasibility of harvesting drinking water from desalination pods on the ocean’s floor.

New Permanent Water Conservation Rules Are Coming to California — See How Your City Will Be Affected

Dozens of California cities could be required to impose permanent water conservation measures starting in about a year — and keep them in place even when the state is not in a drought — under proposed new rules from state water regulators.

California is Now Practically Drought-free, But We Keep Wasting So Much Rainwater

Almost all of California is finally drought-free, after Tropical Storm Hilary’s rare summer drenching added to this winter’s record-setting rainfall totals. But despite all that drought-busting precipitation, California continues to capture only a percentage of that water. Much of the abundance in rain from Hilary ended up running off into the ocean — not captured or stored for future use, when California will inevitably face its next drought.