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The Four Lessons Learned in the Water Sector After the Coronavirus

During the coronavirus crisis, water utilities around the world have undergone a deep transformation to continue guaranteeing water service to the population. For this to be possible, remote control of processes and infrastructures, teleworking or social distancing measures have made digitalization an essential tool to maintain the quality of service. These are the four lessons learned in the water sector after its response to the crisis.

Trump Admin Fights Farmers’ Multimillion-Dollar Water Claim

The Trump administration is urging a federal court to reject a multimillion-dollar claim over water rights from California farmers, in the latest round of a politically sensitive and long-running lawsuit.

At issue is a decades-long case from major farmers claiming that the Bureau of Reclamation has failed to build a drainage system in the San Joaquin Valley’s Westlands Water District.

Opinion: Speculators Buying Up Colorado Water Rights? Part Seven

Buying water from Colorado farmers and ranchers and other water users, to provide it to California and Arizona farmers and ranchers, and to casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada, is not a simple matter. But a fair number of Colorado water experts, and financial experts, and agricultural experts, have been working with the Colorado Water Conservation Board to design a workable process.

Creek Fire: Water Deliveries from Dams Might be Affected Due to Evacuations

Among the people forced to flee the Creek Fire were workers who keep the vast network of hydroelectric dams running. Eric Quinley is general manager of the Delano-Earlimart Irrigation District. He said reservoir releases were reduced to minimum levels. Friant Dam, located at the end of the water delivery network, was at just 30% capacity right now.

Water Authority Sets Agricultural Water Discount in Exchange For Reliability

The San Diego County Water Authority’s Board of Directors approved a permanent special agricultural water rate structure Sept. 24 that offers lower water rates to farmers in exchange for lower water supply reliability.

New Agricultural Water Rate Program Benefits San Diego County Growers

The San Diego County Water Authority’s Board of Directors has approved a new and Permanent Special Agricultural Water Rate structure that offers lower water rates to farmers in exchange for lower water supply reliability.