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Water Officials Push Back Decision on Huntington Beach Desal Project Yet Again

State regional water officials have again delayed a decision on a controversial seawater desalination plant in Huntington Beach, instead placing further requirements on the project’s company to reckon with the facility’s anticipated environmental damage.

Opinion: The LA Sequel to Owens Valley: The Tunnel to destroy Northern SJ Valley

It wasn’t my finest moment.

I was hiking the Owens River Gorge in mid-July. Usually that would be as smart as planting your hands on a stove burner turned to high.

Severe thunderstorms in the eastern Sierra above Bishop prompted a last minute change in plans. And given that the temperature in the Owens Valley that day was predicted to be 20 degrees cooler than the previous day’s high it was the perfect opportunity to take a hike in an area where the heat makes it a seriously insane proposition between June and September.

Before Los Angeles got is claws into Owens Valley to divert snowmelt and draw down the high desert water tables to essentially bleed Eastern California and stunt its economic growth all so the City of Angels could prosper beyond the means of its water basin, the gorge carried water tapped into by farmers and ranchers working the land.

2020 Water Resilience Portfolio Released by Governor Newsom

Governor Gavin Newsom recently released the final version of the 2020 Water Resilience Portfolio to help guide California water policy moving forward. The initial draft proposal of the portfolio was announced back in January and now includes 14 new actions after receiving input from more than 200 individuals and organizations during the comment period. The water blueprint outlines 142 policy priorities for state agencies to emphasize.

FPUD Approves Letter of Support for Fallbrook Beautification Alliance Grant

The Fallbrook Beautification Alliance is seeking a $5,000 grant from the American Society of Landscape Architects to improve the South Mission Road medians, and the grant application requires two letters of support from community organizations. The Fallbrook Public Utility District board approved one of those letters of support.

FPUD Approves 10% Change Order Authorization for Overland Trail Lift Station

The Fallbrook Public Utility District board approved two change orders to the Overland Trail Lift Station rehabilitation project while authorizing Jack Bebee, general manager of FPUD, to approve additional change orders administratively if the cumulative amount does not exceed 10% of the original contract.