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Lake Poway Water Level Temporarily Reduced for Maintenance

Lake Poway’s water level is lower today, but it isn’t due to the current heatwave. The lake is being temporarily reduced to complete a planned maintenance project to replace a transducer.

Lake Poway serves as the City of Poway’s main water storage reservoir, with a capacity to hold more than one billion gallons of water. A transducer measures the lake’s water level and remotely sends data to the city.


Public Argues For, Against Huntington Beach Desalination Plant, Decision Near

The 20-year battle between seawater desalters and Orange County environmentalists and community activists neared a turning point Thursday, the first in a series of final public hearings around a Huntington Beach desalination plant proposal before local regulators.

Hearings and public comments at the state regional water board started Thursday, are continuing today, and could continue to Aug. 7, if needed, with a vote on the required permits for the $1 billion water desalting project planned at the end of the hearings.

Proposed by the Poseidon Water company, the project has become one of the largest battles over Orange County’s coastline in decades.

Water Agencies Warn of Threatening Calls by Scam Artists

Water agency customers in several San Diego County communities have received scam phone calls this week demanding immediate payment of water bills by credit card or their water will be turned off.

Don’t be fooled. Hang up.

OPINION: Gavin Newsom’s Plan for California Water is a Good One. Stay the Course

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s new blueprint for California water policy offers a stay-the-course agenda for projects and policies intended to help cope with a warming climate and more volatile weather patterns that already are affecting the state’s irrigation, environmental and drinking water supplies. There are no moonshots and few surprises, and that’s fine; it will be challenging enough to ensure that all Californians are hooked up to safe and reliable water supplies to meet their needs for the coming decade and beyond.

November, March Shutdowns Set in CWA’s 2020-2021 Aqueduct Operating Plan

The San Diego County Water Authority has an annual Aqueduct Operating Plan, and the SDCWA’s 2020-2021 plan was presented at the Thursday, July 23, CWA board meeting as a non-voting item. The 2020-2021 plan includes shutdowns due to planned maintenance, and Fallbrook Public Utility District and Rainbow Municipal Water District turnouts will be impacted by a November shutdown to Pipelines 1 and 2 and a March 2021 shutdown to Pipeline 5.

Olivenhain MWD Continues to Expand Recycled Water Use

Earlier this month Olivenhain Municipal Water District announced they began supplying locally produced recycled water to the Seagate Village Homeowner Association in Encinitas.

The project is a collaboration between OMWD and San Elijo Joint Powers Authority since 2014 to bring recycled water to the Village Park neighborhood. San Elijo Water Campus, located in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, uses a combination of sand filtration, microfiltration, and reverse osmosis to produce high-quality water for irrigation and industrial uses.

AECOM Given CWA Design Contract for San Luis Rey Habitat Restoration, Dulin Hill Erosion Control

AECOM Technical Services Inc. was given the San Diego County Water Authority design and engineering support contract for the San Luis Rey Habitat Management Area Restoration and the Dulin Hill Erosion Repair projects.

A July 23 SDCWA board vote approved a professional services contract with AECOM for $465,069. The CWA issued a request for proposals for a single contract for the two adjacent sites; the Dulin Hill Erosion Repair consultant work will be for technical support while the San Luis Rey Habitat Management Area Restoration activities will include design, bidding and construction support services.

OPINION: Andrew Kramer: Pipeline Project Based on Inaccurate Studies

If constructed, the proposed 140-mile Lake Powell Pipeline would be a multi-billion dollar project, one of the most expensive in state history.

Although the pipeline would only serve Washington County, its proponents want the entire state to subsidize the LPP. As taxpayers who’d be required to pay for this mammoth project, we deserve accurate information and well-reasoned analysis that demonstrates the need and economic viability of the pipeline. Instead, studies by the Division of Water Resources (DWR) and the Washington County Water Conservancy District (WCWCD) are biased, incomplete and don’t fairly consider feasible, much less costly alternatives.

How Over-Pumping of Underground Aquifers Can Cause Land to Sink

If you’re reading this, chances are you don’t really have to think about where your drinking water is coming from, how your food was grown, or what effects such processes have had on the environment. Specifically, in reference to our drinking water, around half of the US population gets their drinking water from either public or private wells.

OPINION: Boosting Diversity, Transparency of San Diego Boards Could Lead to Better Decisions

Members of San Diego’s 40-plus boards and commissions — from the Accessibility Advisory Board and the Airports Advisory Committee to the Wetlands Advisory Board and the Youth Commission — have long been less diverse, older and richer than the city at large. They have also often been so low-key that little is known about their actions. Given that a number of these panels make crucial decisions and offer valued guidance to the Mayor’s Office and City Council, this needed to be addressed.