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The Interior Secretary Wants to Enlarge a Dam. An Old Lobbying Client Would Benefit.

For years, the Interior Department resisted proposals to raise the height of its towering Shasta Dam in Northern California. The department’s own scientists and researchers concluded that doing so would endanger rare plants and animals in the area, as well as the bald eagle, and devastate the West Coast’s salmon industry downstream.

Templeton Community Services District Celebrates New Drought-Resistant Water Supply Project

The Templeton Community Services District celebrated the completion of its new drought-resistant water supply project at a ribbon-cutting held on Wednesday, Sept. 25.

The project, called the Upper Salinas River Basin Conjunctive Use Project (US-CUP) captures existing wastewater flows generated within the eastside of the District and will return these flows back to the Meadowbrook Wastewater Treatment Plant (MWWTP). The wastewater undergoes treatment and is then discharged into the river alluvium that contains the Salinas River underflow providing subsequent conveyance to District wells that divert from the underflow downstream.

‘Historic’ Winter Storm Dumps 3 Feet of Snow, Smashes Records in West

One week after summer’s end, a “winter” storm began blasting parts of the West with up to 3 feet of snow, smashing records with low temperatures, heavy snow, strong winds and blizzard conditions forecast into Monday.

Snow was piling up across parts of California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Nevada and Utah. The National Weather Service, calling the storm “historic,” said temperatures in some areas would drop as much as 30 degrees below normal.

Proposed Clairemont Dr Restriping for Bike Lane & Potential Southbound Vehicle Lane Removal

On Thursday 9/26 the Parking, Transportation & Mobility sub-committee of the Clairemont Community Planning Group met with one item Action/Review item on the Agenda:

  1. Clairemont Dr. Bike Lane Striping (Everett Hauser, City of San Diego)

In conjunction with the City’s Pure Water Project, Mr Hauser will present 3 different options to remove between 5 to 31 street parking spaces along Clairemont Dr. to add striping for a Bike Lane in each direction of travel.