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OPINION: ‘Moving The Rain,’ Creating California

I explained how that invention necessitated the invention of the grandest water-moving system in the history of man. It was a system magnificently built, and it allowed us to erect two if not three world-class cities and the most intensive farming region in the world. But the system was now cracking, and it surely would not see us into a future of more houses, and more nuts, and the havocs of climate change teaming up with the havocs of our own nature: drought and flood, wildfire and mudslides.


In The Farthest Reaches Of North County, A Retired L.A. Anesthesiologist Is Growing Grapes

Back in 2009, Rao R. Anne began buying land just below the northern slope of Palomar Mountain in northern San Diego County. The semi-retired Pasadena anesthesiologist was planning both his future and his return to a lifestyle he knew growing up as a boy on a vegetable farm in southern India. Anne’s Emerald Creek Winery now grows 120 acres of grapes on a 750-acre plot of land that bisects Temecula Creek west of state Route 79 about two miles from the Riverside County line.

Larger Than Del Mar And Solana Beach Combined, The Ramona Grasslands Preserve Soon To Get Even Bigger

The Ramona Grasslands Preserve, one of the lesser-known gems of San Diego County, is poised to get a bit larger. The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday is expected to approve the purchase of a 123-acre parcel that will be added at the northern end of the preserve near the ridge line between Ramona and the San Pasqual Valley. The purchase will bring the total acreage of the preserve, with its panoramic vistas, to just over 3,600.

Marin Water Officials Heartened By Regional Supply Deal

Marin County water district officials expressed encouragement after an early agreement was reached that seeks to end longstanding conflicts of a major regional water supply 100 miles to the north. The agreement centers around the relicensing of the Potter Valley Project hydropower plant in Mendocino County, which holds a supply of water that affects fish, farmers and communities stretching from Marin to Humboldt counties. Sonoma Water, one of the main suppliers to Marin’s two water districts, draws water supplied by the power plant’s reservoirs.

North Park Business Suffers As City Fails To Fix Leak

When Carol Shamon noticed water from city pipes had leaked into the basement of her North Park neighborhood business, she thought the problem would be easily fixed: Call the city and file a report. Repairs would be made, problem solved. But after two years of municipal inaction, the water remains and Shamon, who is now suing the city of San Diego’s pipe contractor, worries the foundation of her 100-year-old building may be affected. “I contacted all the departments,” said Shamon, 61, owner of Shamon Freitas Agency at 3916 Oregon St. “Everyone individually has been nice but their hands are tied, they can’t do anything because they can’t coordinate with any other department and no one does anything.”

California Snowpack 202% Of Average For This Time Of Year

The amount of snow blanketing the Sierra Nevada is even larger than the 2017 snowpack that pulled the state out of a five-year drought, California water officials said. As of Thursday, the snowpack measured 202% of average after a barrage of storms throughout winter and spring, according to the Department of Water Resources. The wet weather has slowed but not stopped, with thunderstorms prompting flash flood warnings Sunday in the central and southern parts of the state. At this time last year, the snowpack measured 6% of average — making this year 33 times bigger than 2018, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.