Welcome to the Board-Vicki Quiram-CarlsbadVicki Quiram represents the Carlsbad Municipal Water District as a Board member of the San Diego County Water Authority Board of Directors. Photo: Vicki Quiram

Welcome to the Board: Vicki Quiram, Carlsbad Municipal Water District

(Editor’s Note: This feature highlights new members of the San Diego County Water Authority’s 36-member Board of Directors. Each of the Water Authority’s 24 member agencies appoints at least one representative to the Board, which sets policy for the Water Authority.)

Welcome to the Board: Vicki Quiram, Carlsbad Municipal Water District

Who: Vicki Quiram was seated on the San Diego County Water Authority Board of Directors on June 19, 2023, representing the Carlsbad Municipal Water District. Quiram serves on the Water Planning and Environmental and Imported Water committees for the Water Authority.

Background/Education: Vicki Quiram earned a Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering from the University of Texas. She is a Registered Professional Engineer (Texas) Public Works Leadership Fellow, a Envision Sustainability Professional, and holds a Masters Certificate in High Performance Leadership and Certified Life Coach. Quiram is a former Public Works Director and Assistant Director of Public Works for the County of Orange and the cities of Ventura and Westwood. She also served as New Hampshire Commissioner of Administrative and Environmental Services.

Water Industry Affiliations: North San Diego Water Reuse Coalition, American Water Works Association, American Public Works Association, and National Water Resources Committee.

Q & A

Q: How did you get interested in water issues?

A: My interest in water started as a little girl with a father that had a passion for water and took the family every Sunday on drives to water and wastewater treatment facilities 😊. Because of this instilled love for water, I later received my engineering degree with a focus on hydraulics and hydrology.  Since that time, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work in the water, wastewater, stormwater, flood control, watershed planning and environmental professions in both the private sector and city, county and state governments.  My passion for this industry has never stopped growing.  I am very fortunate to have experienced the excitement of seeing all water become One Water! My passion for the always-interesting, constantly-changing and challenging world of water will never end.

Q: What are your priorities or interests as a Board member?

A: I will prioritize the availability of a safe, reliable, and affordable water and recycled water supply for all customers that we represent. I will personally and professionally prioritize listening to and understanding the diverse needs and opinions of other board members and the extremely qualified Water Authority staff and will ask questions and work hard to make the best decisions possible for the region.

Q: Besides maintaining safe and reliable water supplies, what do you see as the top three issues facing the San Diego region?

A: Housing and Transportation; The maintenance and replacement of aging infrastructure; More extreme weather in the future and the difficulty of planning and being prepared for droughts, floods and other events that challenge the people’s housing and infrastructure.

Q: What do you like to do when you are not working?

A: Spend time with my husband, children and grandchildren; Camp, hike and be outdoors, Facilitate skills classes and mentor and coach women.

The Water Authority’s Board of Directors typically meets on the fourth Thursday of each month. The Board invites the public to attend its monthly meetings and to comment on agenda items or other matters before the Board. For meeting times, agendas and documents, go to​ www.sdcwa.org/board-directors