Kyle Swanson-Welcome to the Board-Padre Dam Municipal Water DistrictKyle Swanson represents the Padre Dam Municipal Water District as a Board member of the San Diego County Water Authority Board of Directors. Photo: San Diego County Water Authority

Welcome to the Board: Kyle Swanson, Padre Dam Municipal Water District

(Editor’s Note: This feature highlights new members of the San Diego County Water Authority’s 36-member Board of Directors. Each of the Water Authority’s 24 member agencies appoints at least one representative to the Board, which sets policy for the Water Authority.)

Welcome to the Board: Kyle Swanson, Padre Dam Municipal Water District

Who: Kyle Swanson was seated on the San Diego County Water Authority Board of Directors on January 11, 2023, representing the Padre Dam Municipal Water District. Swanson serves on the Administrative and Finance, Legislation and Public Outreach and Water Conservation Garden JPA committees for the Water Authority.

Background/Education: Swanson, a native of San Diego, earned a bachelor’s degree in geography from San Diego State University. He is the CEO/General Manager of the Padre Dam Municipal Water District and previously served as Executive Director of the East County Advanced Water Purification Project. He holds a Grade 5 Water Distribution Operator Certification and a Grade 2 Water Treatment Operator Certification, both from the State Water Resources Control Board. Swanson is also a Certified Public Manager and a Certified Special District Manager, SDLF.

Water Industry Affiliations:
WateReuse California, Member Board of Trustees; American Water Works Association (AWWA); California Water Environment Association (CWEA); Association California Water Agencies (ACWA); and California Special Districts Association (CSDA).

Q & A

Q: How did you get interested in water issues?

A: As a San Diego Native my interest in water started at a young age.  I was fortunate to have a family actively involved in the construction of large civil water treatment and conveyance infrastructure in the southwest.  My father would routinely take me to projects providing an early respect for the facilities required to deliver safe and reliable water to our taps.  My education and career followed with a water interest studying and working in hydrology and later with public water utilities.  Water is both powerful and transformational; the issues relating are also equally so.

Q: What are your priorities or interests as a Board member?

A: Ensuring future generations benefit from our efforts towards water resiliency, development of local water supplies and the continual investment in a robust water system.

Q: Besides maintaining safe and reliable water supplies, what do you see as the top three issues facing the San Diego region?

A: Cost of Living, Resource Stewardship, Societal Collaboration

Q: What do you like to do when you are not working?

A: I’m an avid outdoor enthusiast.  I enjoy camping with my family, exploring the natural beauty, riding mountain bikes and restoring cars.  San Diego offers the perfect playground.  We all need to take more time to pause our days and enjoy those around us and the environment we live in.

The Water Authority’s Board of Directors typically meets on the fourth Thursday of each month. The Board invites the public to attend its monthly meetings and to comment on agenda items or other matters before the Board. For meeting times, agendas and documents, go to​