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Your New Water Saving Landscape is Complete — Here’s How to Maintain it

Whether you installed a new water-saving landscape or are just looking for tips on how to conserve in your existing landscape, here are ways to maintain your landscape while saving water.

Removing Turf is a Key Step in Creating a New Water-Saving Home Landscape

Once you’ve finalized your plans for a water-saving landscape, you’ll have some demolition work ahead of you, including the existing turf you plan to remove or replace.

Removing turf presents choices about the best way to accomplish this task. Learn more about turf removal options and understand the steps before you begin.

Reclaiming an area of unwanted turf requires diligence.

How to Pick Plants for a Successful Water-Saving San Diego Landscape

To ensure a successful water-saving landscape, pick your plants for each water-use category to ensure you meet your water-conservation goals. Focus on local native plants or plants from similar climate regions.

Once you’ve chosen your plant types, there are additional important considerations.