Santa Fe Irrigation Water Rate Increase to Take Effect in January

On Nov. 16, the Santa Fe Irrigation District Board of Directors approved an approximate 5% rate increase effective January 1, 2024.

According to a news release, the increase does not reflect any increase in costs from Santa Fe Irrigation District; it is the full pass-through of costs from the San Diego County Water Authority, the region’s wholesale water provider.

Escondido Approves Water Rate Increases Over 5 Years

Escondido City Council on Wednesday voted 4-1 to increase the water rate over the next five years.

City leaders say it was needed to keep the utility department financially stable.

City of Escondido Approves Water Rate Increases for Five Years

Escondido City Council approved new water rate increases set to begin Jan. 1 and will increase each year for the next five years.

Residents had been outspoken about the possibility of a nearly 20% increase next year alone.

“It is by far the highest hike proposed over the past 12 years,” Sandra Otteson said.

Pleasanton Considering Three Years of Water Rate Increases, Starting at 30% Hike in November

The Pleasanton City Council is set for an initial discussion on proposed increases to the city’s water rates, starting at 30% on Nov. 1, during a special meeting Tuesday night.

The public meeting will be held at the city’s Operations Services Center on Busch Road instead of the usual council chambers at the Pleasanton Civic Center.

Santa Fe Irrigation Board Approves Water Rate Increases

Santa Fe Irrigation District customers will see an increase in water rates this spring as the board voted on March 28 to approve the new rate hike. In the 4-1 vote, Director Sandy Johnson representing Rancho Santa Fe was opposed. The new rates went into effect on April 1 and customers will see the impacts on bi-monthly bills in June.

San Diego Taking Steps for Possible Water Rate Hike

If you are still watering your lawn or taking long showers, you might want to start practicing how to cut back on your water usage because come next year, water bills could go up.

 “I don’t like it and I don’t feel good about it,” said Ron Aguila, a Kearny Mesa resident who was shopping for house supplies.

Rancho Water to Refund Bonds and Cover Loss from Shelved Rate Increases

During a joint regular meeting of the Rancho California Water District finance and audit committee and a special meeting of the board of directors, Thursday, Sept. 3, the district committee agreed to implement the 2020 Plan of Finance and authorize RCWD’s general manager to negotiate and enter into agreements for proposed bond issuances to save the district an estimated $1.3 million.

Helix Water District Passes 2020-21 Budget

With no increase to ratepayers for the foreseeable future, the Helix Water District’s governing board passed the district’s fiscal year 2020-21 budget earlier this month.

This year’s budget of $80.1 million is only slightly above last year, which was $79.5 million.

Santa Fe Irrigation Approves Rate Increases, Protest Level Not Reached

The Santa Fe Irrigation District approved three percent water rate increases for the next three years at a Jan. 16 hearing. The first bills will go out to customers on April 1 using a new five-tier residential rate structure that differentiates between meter sizes in higher tiers.

The rate increases aim to help meet the district’s objectives to ensure equity across customer classes, encourage conservation and maintain financial stability as it faces challenges such as the rising costs of imported water.

Santa Fe Irrigation Selects Multi-Tiered Structure For Water Rate Increases

The Santa Fe Irrigation District board recommended moving forward with a new five-tier rate structure for its proposed three percent water rate increase. The vote was 4-1 with Director Marlene King opposed.

The Santa Fe Irrigation District (SFID) board is expected to make a final decision on the rates by January 2020 to ensure the financial stability of the district and meet its objectives of equity across customer classes and encouraging conservation.