Vallejo Wastewater District to Hold Final Public Hearing on Proposed Sewer Rate Increases

The Vallejo Flood and Wastewater district will have its final public hearing tonight on a proposal to increase residential sewer rates.

Under the plan, sewer rates for Vallejo homeowners will increase by an average of $108 per year for 5 years. Each year monthly rates will rise by an average of $9 bringing the current rate of $64.12 per month  or $768.44 per year to $109.18 per month or $1,310.16 per year by July 2027. A comparable increase in commercial and industrial rate schedules is also part of the proposal.

Kimberly Hunt Looks Into Sustainable Water Programs in San Diego County

After two decades of drier conditions in the west, the concern for the Federal Government is how to keep the Colorado River flowing in the long term.

Kimberly Hunt is live in Oceanside at the Pure Water Facility.

The facility opened last year and is a first of its kind water treatment plant that turns waste water into drinking water.

Bill Introduced to Address Water Pollution at U.S.-Mexico Border

A coalition of San Diego County elected representatives introduced a bill Monday to address water pollution along the U.S.-Mexico border. The Border Water Quality Restoration and Protection Act would designate the Environmental Protection Agency as the lead coordinating federal, state, and local agencies’ efforts to build and maintain infrastructure projects aimed at reducing pollution along the border.