‘It Is What It Is’: Sacramento Residents Step Up Water Conservation Efforts as State Mulls Drought Measures

Water conservation numbers are strong in the capital region, but is it enough to satisfy statewide water restrictions?

We’re getting answers on how local counties are making conservation worth it for the people who live there.

As California’s drought worsens, local water agencies have been given level two regulations with the intention of cutting water usage by twenty percent. Residents are answering the call but it still may not be enough as Gov. Gavin Newsom mulls the idea of a statewide mandate.

A Conversation With Anthony Rendon After a Leadership Challenge

On Tuesday afternoon, the area surrounding the State Capitol in Sacramento was blanketed in a kind of hush, typical of the first day back after a holiday weekend. It was warm, sunny and breezy.

When people spoke, one thing dominated the conversation: What is going on with the Assembly speakership?