Colorado is Known for Heavy March Snow, One Storm Ended Record Drought in 2003

Get ready for a lot of chatter this week about Colorado’s weather, especially on social media. Computer forecast models show the potential for a high-impact winter storm moving into the state sometime after Wednesday. As we see it now this storm could drop a large amount of moisture and it could be mostly in the form of snow, so it is something you will want to pay close attention to this week.

Without Active Spring Snow, State’s Snowpack on Track to be Below Average

Colorado’s high country is just weeks away from its average peak snowpack date. Current measurements are on the fast track to coming up short. “Our snowpack has been struggling. We’re close to average, but not quite to average so the likelihood of getting average snowpack is pretty low at this point. It’s most likely that most areas of our state will have a little bit below average snowpack when we end the season,” said Becky Bolinger, Assistant State Climatologist with the Colorado Climate Center at CSU.