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California Braces for Historic Snowmelt After Record-Breaking Winter

In what is expected to be one of the biggest snowmelt events in its history, California could see some 277 billion gallons of water flowing from the Sierra during the month of May alone.

Experts said Tuesday that the state’s biggest snow year since 1950 could result in a dangerous spring, as warming temperatures push high volumes of snowmelt downstream.

LA is Capturing More Rain, but Increasingly Extreme Storms Present a Challenge

It seems like we’re always in a drought in Southern California, so when it rains, the question becomes: Where did all that precious water go?

Well, not all of it ends up in the ocean. According to Art Castro, watershed manager at the L.A. Department of Water and Power, in the last four days alone, the city of L.A. captured enough water to fill about 8,900 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

‘Vast Majority’ of California’s Sierra Snowpack Could Be Gone by Mid-to-Late April

The heat is on.

Record-breaking temperatures are expected across California Thursday and Friday with the mercury rising up to 25 to 30 degrees above normal.

UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain referred to the sweltering weather as a “major early spring heat wave” and said it may be “most consequential in the Sierra Nevada” where the snowpack is already well below normal after a record-dry January, February and March, experts said.