Sewer Rates Spike 17 Percent Saturday for Single-Family Customers in San Diego

San Diego sewer customers living in single-family homes should prepare for some sticker shock when their rates spike 17 percent this week — and 31 percent over the next four years.

The sharp increases are the result of a comprehensive study that showed single-family sewer customers haven’t been paying enough while other customers — businesses, apartments and condos — have been paying too much.

Carlsbad to Increase Water, Sewer Rates

Carlsbad plans to increase its water and sewer rates in 2022, the first of three steps that will boost the average family’s current monthly combined water and sewer bill by a total of $24.78 in 2024.

The City Council voted unanimously last week to set a public hearing on the new rates for 5 p.m. Jan. 11. If approved, the first higher rate will take effect on March 1 with additional increases on Jan. 1 of the next two years.

San Diego’s Sewer and Water Rates Due to Climb

San Diego’s sewer rates haven’t gone up in ten years. Now, the city is playing catch up with a four-year string of rate hikes they say is needed to maintain the aging system, and fund the Pure Water project.

The city says the increase was long overdue. But so are the unpaid water bills of thousands of lower income San Diegans. California’s pandemic water shutoff moratorium is set to end September 30.

San Diego Council Considers Sharp Sewer Rate Spike on Tuesday

Sewer rates for San Diegans in single-family homes would increase nearly 17 percent next year and a total of 31 percent over the next four years under a rate hike proposal the City Council is scheduled to consider Tuesday.

The proposal also would reduce sewer rates for most businesses, condos and apartments based on two comprehensive studies showing those customers have been paying too much, while single-family homes haven’t been paying enough.

Ratepayers Could Block San Diego Water, Wastewater Rate Changes

If you live in San Diego and pay your own water and sewer bills, you should have gotten a mailer recently from the city government. It was easy to miss, but it has important details on how much the city wants to raise its rates, and included a way residents and businesses could potentially block the proposal.

Under the proposal, San Diego businesses and residents of apartment buildings would initially pay cheaper wastewater rates, while residents of single-family homes would see their rates go up. The changes are part of an overhaul to city fees used to maintain the sewage system.

Analysis Critiques San Diego’s Plan to Raise Sewer Rates 28% in Four Years

San Diegans in single-family homes may get a modest reprieve from a city plan to increase sewer rates nearly 19 percent next year and a total of 28 percent over the next four years. The city recently got a legally mandated second opinion on a consultant’s analysis that was used to calculate the rate increases, and the second opinion says the increases should be more gradual and smaller. City officials concede the initial analysis may have been too “conservative,” prompting higher rate increases than necessary. They have agreed to incorporate the second opinion analysis into their recommendations for rate increases. The City Council is scheduled to receive those final recommendations in July and then vote on them in September, with new rates potentially taking effect in January for the city’s 2.2 million sewer customers.

San Diego Public Utilities Department Proposes Sewer, Water Rate Hike in 2022

San Diego officials have proposed a water and sewer rate hike to update city infrastructure as large changes are on the horizon, it was announced last week. The city is looking to increase wastewater rates by 5 percent starting January 2022, the first rate hike for that service in a decade. In addition, the city’s Public Utilities Department — which provides water and sewer services to customers, including Rancho Bernardans — is proposing to pass regional water cost increases to its customers in a 2 percent rate hike starting in 2022.

San Diego May Propose 28 Percent Sewer Rate Hikes for Single-Family Homes

Sewer rates for San Diegans in single-family homes would increase nearly 19 percent next year and a total of 28 percent over the next four years under a new city proposal.

Olivenhain Municipal Water District Logo landscape design workshops

Olivenhain Municipal Water District Sewer Customers Will Not Face Higher Rates in 2020

Encinitas, Calif. —Following a review of its sewer rates and charges, Olivenhain Municipal Water District’s Board of Directors voted at its May 20 meeting to hold the line on current sewer rates and fees rather than increase rates as scheduled.