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California Border School Districts Ask for Sewage State of Emergency to Protect Students’ Health

As of Monday morning, water tainted with untreated sewage from Mexico was flowing at 171 million gallons per day, according to the International Boundary and Water Commission.

The IBWC is also reporting that so far this year, the transboundary volume in the Tijuana River has been 25.3 billion gallons, although it says the composition of this flow is estimated to be 95% stormwater.

Construction of San Diego’s Sewage Recycling System on Track, but Still Facing Challenges

Crews building San Diego’s Pure Water sewage recycling system continue to pass major milestones, including finishing key stretches of pipeline across the city, tunneling work under Interstate 805 and breaking ground on treatment plants.

But they’ve also been faced with some major hurdles and setbacks, including delays caused by lingering supply chain issues and a two-year-old flooding problem on Morena Boulevard that still hasn’t been fully solved.

Relief for South Bay Beaches Could Be on the Horizon

Water quality data shows bacteria levels in the ocean along South Bay beaches have been hundreds of times over what’s considered safe for human health this past week. The culprit, per usual, is sewage flowing from Mexico into the Tijuana River which empties into the Pacific Ocean just south of San Diego’s southernmost cities. But the people who manage wastewater infrastructure in the U.S.-Mexico border say respite is nigh.

Water-Short Cities in the West Want to Use Every Last Drop, Even When it Comes from Sewage

It looks like a normal glass of water. It’s clear, cold and tasteless. But just a few hours ago, it was raw sewage.

That water is the end product of a process and technology known as water recycling, or direct potable reuse.

In the Western U.S., there’s more demand for water than there is supply, particularly in the Colorado River basin. While the region’s policy makers are mired in standoff about how to fix that imbalance at a broad level, cities with finite water supplies are finding creative new ways to stretch out the water they already have. In some places, that means cleaning up sewage and putting it right back in the pipes that flow to homes and businesses.

Tijuana’s Illegal Sewer Hookups Linked to Cross-Border Pollution

Parque Baja California should be the ideal community park. Mature trees provide shade and benches give visitors a comfortable place to sit and feel the ocean breeze.

But running through the middle of the park is a drainage culvert with water flowing year round.

Supervisors Declare State of Emergency on Cross-Border Pollution, Sewage

San Diego County supervisors unanimously approved a proclamation Tuesday declaring a state of emergency due to pollution and sewage flowing across the U.S.-Mexico border.

Board Chairwoman Nora Vargas and Vice Chair Terra Lawson-Remer introduced the proclamation, which asks Gov. Gavin Newsom and President Joe Biden to issue similar declarations, “suspend red tape that may hinder response efforts, and expedite access to federal resources for San Diego County.”

Fixing, Expanding Water Treatment Plant Partly Responsible for Contamination at San Diego Beaches Could Take Years

It’s been more than 550 days since the ocean water at Imperial Beach has been safe for swimmers and surfers.

Between wastewater treatment plant repairs and expansions, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done, but city leaders say all hands on deck are needed to make progress.



From The Sewage To Your Cup. Can Recycling Water Save Southern California?

To state the obvious: California has a water problem. That’s why more than 6 million Southern Californians can water outside only once or twice a week as of June 1.

But experts say conservation alone can’t solve our water woes. So what does water security look like in a drier future? This story focuses on one piece of the puzzle: recycling wastewater. Let’s dig in.

San Diego Border Sewage Plan Moves Forward

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants the public to weigh in on a $630 million plan to fix the region’s cross border pollution problems.

Federal officials have completed a draft environmental impact review on a project that would treat sewage in the waters along the U.S.-Mexico border near San Diego and they are looking for public comment.

The agency is recommending a sweeping plan to bolster the capture and treatment of sewage tainted flows on both sides of the international border.

East vs West Wastewater Wars Move Closer to Resolution

Sewage is now a commodity, a drinking water resource in the world of California drought, and the city of San Diego and a bloc of eastern San Diego County water agencies have been fighting over it.

Both parties will be recycling wastewater into drinking water but they need to cut a deal with each other to make that happen and it’s gotten fairly complicated, as Voice of San Diego’s MacKenzie Elmer previously reported.