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These Before and After Images Show the Devastating Effects of California’s Drought — From Space

Sometimes, it takes zooming out to a bird’s eye view to fully understand the devastating impacts of drought in California.

Images captured from space by government and private satellites offer a sobering look at how the current drought — in year three — is affecting the state’s land and natural resources.

The latest data from the U.S. Drought Monitor shows about 97% of California in moderate or worse drought, with much of the Central Valley and southern portions of the state in the worst conditions.

Satellite Images Show Just How Quickly Sierra’s Snowpack Is Retreating

The storms that frosted the Sierra Nevada with a healthy layer of snow in December soon gave way to dry weather, and the snowpack is showing it.

Satellite images from NASA show a big difference even between January and February. Images from Jan. 9 showed a blanket of snow over the Sierra Nevada and their foothills, with clouds overshadowing parts of the Bay Area and Central Valley.