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Soggy California Drenched Anew as Nor’easter Buries New England, New York

The latest in a series of atmospheric river storms soaked California on Tuesday, bringing another deluge of rain to the already-saturated state, while a Nor’easter swirling over New York and New England prompted emergency orders and closed roads.

Several inches of rain was forecast in some areas of California, while as much as 3 feet (0.9 m) of fresh snow was expected in high-mountain elevations where snowdrifts already reach rooftops, according to the National Weather Service.

Opinion: A Rainy Season Starts to Chip Away at Drought, Locally and Throughout State

Rainy weather. A series of storms that have brought rainfall to Santa Cruz County and heavy snowfall to the Sierra Nevada over the past few days should taper off by today, although the forecast over the next week shows unsettled weather and possibly more rain gathering on the horizon. The past three years of drought and the wildfires sparked in its wake, along with heightened worries over water supply, mean that the recent rains are a blessing.

Opinion: With Another Drought, Water Conservation and Reclamation Projects Are Vital

On the day we spring forward, actual springtime is only a week or so off. And with it, the chances of winter-like storms drift away like spring blossoms on flowering trees.

Except we haven’t had any winter storms since December, thereby missing out on any appreciable rainfall for more almost three months, which historically are three of the four wettest months.

And that’s a problem for Santa Cruz County and for California.

Soquel Creek Breaks Ground on Water Purification Center

The Soquel Creek Water District in California held a groundbreaking ceremony last week, commemorating the start of construction on its Advanced Water Purification Center – the core of the district’s Pure Water Soquel Groundwater Replenishment and Seawater Contamination Prevention Project.


Early Indicators of Drought Surface in Santa Cruz County

As cherry blossoms and calla lilies spring to life, the sun shines and rain showers begin to seem like a distant memory. Spring is here, and with it Santa Cruz County has begun to show early indications of drought, with little reprieve in sight.

Scientists with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography Deploy Wave Buoy Off Westcliff

Scientists with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography will soon have a deeper insight into how Santa Cruz waves impact local flood events, thanks to a coastal buoy installed on Sunday. The wave buoy will track wave height, direction, speed, as well as water and air temperature.

Santa Cruz County Drinking Water Takes a Hit After Wildfire

When wildfire strikes water, infrastructure that’s made out of plastic is particularly at risk of contamination. If pipes and tanks lose pressure, or get hot, chemicals can leach into the water supply. The CZU Lightning Complex Fire badly damaged seven and a half miles of water supply lines made of polyethylene, a plastic, in northern Santa Cruz County.

CZU Complex Fire Damages Crucial Water Supply Pipes

The CZU Lightning Complex Fire that stretches from San Mateo County to Santa Cruz County devastated neighborhoods, roads and crucial water supply pipes.

Hundreds of families have been told not to drink the water, even if they boil it.

There’s a lot of cleaning up to do, especially at the water district facilities, and some of that cleanup includes removing damaged trees that stand 100-200 feet high.