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Nacimiento Reservoir Low But Officials Say San Luis Obispo Remains Water-Secure

Officials say the City of San Luis Obispo is water-secure for now, despite several years of drought conditions.The City of San Luis Obispo relies on water from Santa Margarita Lake, Whale Rock Reservoir and Nacimiento Reservoir. Mychal Boerman is Deputy Director of Water for the city. He said Nacimiento’s water capacity is at 13 percent, due to low rainfall years and continuous use of the reservoir for Salinas Valley farming

Is it Safe to Drink Tap Water During Coronavirus? Here’s What SLO Officials Say

San Luis Obispo’s water supply is safe and reliable, according to city officials, who note they’ve had several questions regarding water quality amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In a news release, city officials reassured customers their tap supply “continues to be of the highest quality and is completely safe to drink.”

“There is no threat to your public drinking water supply and no need to use bottled water,” San Luis Obispo officials said in the release.