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‘Collaboration for the Sake of Success’ is Critical to Water Resilience

In a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed on May 8, Westlands Water District, Metropolitan Water District, and Friant Water Authority agreed to improve collaborations on surface, groundwater, transfers, and exchanges of water from the San Joaquin Valley to Southern California.

Furthermore, a second MOU was signed between Metropolitan and Water Blueprint for the San Joaquin Valley, a coalition that aims to advance water accessibility across the state. The MOU intends to identify, develop, and initiate water projects for the Central Valley to solidify water resilience.

Column: DWP’s New Leader Wants to Shake Things Up. It Won’t Be Easy

An honest-to-goodness map of the American West would show L.A.’s tentacles everywhere.

You’d see canals — the Los Angeles Aqueduct, running along the base of the Sierra Nevada, carrying water from the Owens River; the State Water Project, meandering through the San Joaquin Valley, supplying many Southern California cities and farms; and the Colorado River Aqueduct, cutting through the desert on its mission to deliver water from desert to coast.

Opinion: California Farmers Are Low on Water. Why Not Help Them Go Solar?

A proposed water rights settlement for three Native American tribes that carries a price tag larger than any such agreement enacted by Congress took a significant step forward late Monday with introduction in the Navajo Nation Council.

Feds Say He Masterminded an Epic California Water Heist. Some Farmers Say He’s Their Robin Hood

Robert Zavala was fresh out of the Marines and looking to escape dead-end work at a poultry plant in the early 1990s when his old baseball coach — now the head of a local water district — swooped to the rescue with a job offer.

OPINION – California Needs Reliable Water Supply, but Climate Change Brings More Uncertainty

There’s no issue more important to California than having a reliable supply of water, but the situation is increasingly uncertain from both immediate and long-term perspectives.

What Is California Doing To Capture and Store All The Water From Winter Storms?

We all know the saying about saving something for a rainy day, but in California it’s about saving the water for a dry day.

The One Issue No One Wants to Talk About In The California Senate Race

Water is the third rail of California politics — and the state’s Senate candidates are carefully steering around it. Water is a perpetual problem in California, with bitter fights over scarce resources even in rainy years.

Newsom Defies Environmentalist Opposition To Build Badly Needed Water Tunnel

The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is the West Coast’s largest estuary, an awe-inspiring area of wetlands with 700 miles of waterways and 1,100 miles of levees nestled between the San Francisco Bay and the Central Valley south of Sacramento. It’s one of the most magnificent places in California—a refuge of orchards, marinas, tin-roofed shacks, plantation homes and tiny historic towns that feels more Deep South than Golden State.

State Pays Valley Farmers Millions to Keep Water in the Ground

The state is sending millions to farmers throughout the San Joaquin Valley to keep water in the ground.

The money, paid through the LandFlex program, goes to groundwater sustainability agencies (GSAs) and then directly to farmers, paying them for every acre foot they don’t pump.

Louder Voices, Bigger Investments Needed for Calif. Water Security, Local Experts Say.

As the San Joaquin Valley yo-yos from drought to flooding, the region’s top water experts spent Thursday afternoon examining how to best approach the Valley’s long and short-term needs.

The viewpoints came amid the California Water Alliance’s third-annual water forum featuring the leaders of Friant Water Authority, Westlands Water District, farmer Cannon Michael, and Rep. John Duarte (R–Modesto).