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Atlanta Officials Say Water Repairs Are Done After 5 Days of Outages and Service is Being Restored

City of Atlanta officials say workers finished repairs on a ruptured water main on Tuesday and that water problems in the city are coming to an end after five days.

The city said Tuesday night that workers had placed new pipes after a leak that sent a gushing river into the streets of the city’s Midtown neighborhood. Officials said water had been restored to a bar and a hotel immediately adjoining the leak and that they were gradually increasing pressure in the system.

‘These Kids Deserve Water’: A San Diego County School District Has Lacked Clean Drinking Water For More Than A Decade

For 12 years San Diego County’s tiny, rural Warner Unified School District has had unsafe levels of arsenic in its drinking water.

The district is still struggling to secure a permanent clean water solution, and its leaders have been frustrated with what they described as bureaucratic delays in the process.

Tropical Storm Ended Saturday in San Diego With Light Showers

San Diego County got minimal rain Saturday as the last of Tropical Storm Kay passed over the region.

The storm already brought record rainfall to the county on Friday, with around a half-inch near the coast and nearly 2 inches in some mountain areas. Rainfall totals were much lower as the storm dissipated over the Pacific Ocean on Saturday — around 0.01 to 0.03 inch on the coast and around 0.06 inch in the mountains as of 4:30 p.m., said the National Weather Service.

‘It Puts Us In a Predicament:’ New East County Water Chief Reflects on his Biggest Challenges

When Brian Olney started in the water industry nearly three decades ago, it seemed nobody paid attention to what he and his colleagues were doing.

“The general consensus was: Water fell from the sky, it shows up in our faucet, no one wants to hear anything from the water agencies,” Olney said. “That has changed dramatically.”

OPINION: Boosting Diversity, Transparency of San Diego Boards Could Lead to Better Decisions

Members of San Diego’s 40-plus boards and commissions — from the Accessibility Advisory Board and the Airports Advisory Committee to the Wetlands Advisory Board and the Youth Commission — have long been less diverse, older and richer than the city at large. They have also often been so low-key that little is known about their actions. Given that a number of these panels make crucial decisions and offer valued guidance to the Mayor’s Office and City Council, this needed to be addressed.

San Diego Plans to Use Drones, Monitors to Reduce Water Main Breaks, Sewer Spills

San Diego sharply reduced the number of water main breaks and sewer spills across the city last year, saving ratepayers money and helping many neighborhoods avoid significant disruptions.

City officials credited the decreases to ramped-up maintenance and replacement efforts on water mains, sewer lines and pipes, particularly those made of cast iron.

And to further reduce breaks and spills, San Diego officials say they will soon begin using drones and other monitoring devices to look for early warning signs of potential problems.

2019 Started and Ended Wet in San Diego; Heat Was Less Persistent

Last year came in and went out like a wet lion in San Diego County. In between, it was a relatively tranquil, although not uneventful weather year.

Tijuana River Toxic Sewer Sludge Dangerous For Migrants and Border Agents: Border Patrol

Border Patrol agents say human smugglers are exploiting the Tijuana River Valley culvert system meant to drain raw sewage at the U.S.-Mexico border; putting agents, emergency responders and migrants at risk for drowning and exposure to highly toxic substances.

Fallbrook and Rainbow Take Steps to Break From County Water Authority

The leadership of two water districts have taken the unprecedented step of voting to begin the process of detaching from the San Diego County Water Authority — a move they say will save their ratepayers millions of dollars.

The votes by the boards of the Fallbrook Public Utility District and the Rainbow Municipal Water District this month begins a formal process that could take 18 months or longer and potentially involve a countywide vote.

Water Permit Hearing for Keystone XL Extended Into New Year

A South Dakota board deciding whether to grant water permits for the Keystone XL pipeline will extend its hearing into the new year after opponents repeatedly voiced concerns about the pipeline.