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San Diego River Expected to Flood During Thursday’s Storm, NWS Predicts

The San Diego River is prone to flooding, especially during conditions like Thursday’s expected storm. Hundreds of unhoused people living along the riverbed are especially vulnerable to rising waters. It was a race against time on Wednesday to ensure everybody knows it.

Pacific Storm Could Drop 2.5 Inches Of Rain Across San Diego County Later This Week, Possibly Triggering More Flooding

A cold Pacific storm will drop 2 to 2.5 inches of rain across much of San Diego County from Thursday morning to Friday afternoon, possibly causing heavy runoff in a region still recovering from last week’s damaging, storm-induced flooding, the National Weather Service said.

In San Diego, Furious Deluge Floods Homes and Freeways

An unusual torrent of rain and flash flooding hit the San Diego area on Monday, shutting down highways, swamping roads and leaving some residents to watch helplessly as water swept away their cars or wreaked havoc on their homes.

Late-Winter Storm Leaves Behind Flooding, Freeway Sinkhole

San Diego County received one of the heaviest soakings of the winter Wednesday from a storm that dropped 2 to 3 inches of rain at the coast and 5-plus inches in the mountains — precipitation that caused a large sinkhole on state Route 78 and numerous traffic accidents.

Caltrans said commuters began to report the sinkhole — described as “massive” by Vista Mayor John Franklin — in the middle of traffic lanes on the westbound side of the North County highway about 8:50 a.m.

Here’s How Much Rain Fell in 43 San Diego County Communities Through Early Wednesday

As the rainfall figures below show, San Diego County received heavy precipitation overnight and early Wednesday from a Pacific storm that was enhanced by moisture from the sub-tropics. The system also has kicked up 26 mph winds at San Diego International Airport. And it created fog that reduced the carrier Carl Vinson to a silhouette in San Diego Bay.

The National Weather Service said that an additional 0.50 inches to 0.70 inches could fall by Wednesday night.

Current Rainy Season Could Be a Drought Buster, Forecaster Says

This weekend brought San Diego county one of the season’s biggest winter storms.

A cold storm from the north on Thursday brought low temperatures and snow levels down to 2,000 feet of elevation. Then conditions warmed as an atmospheric river brought tropical moisture to the region.

San Diego Approves New Financing Method That’s Expected to Generate Millions for River Park Upgrades

The San Diego City Council unanimously approved Tuesday a new funding source to pay for upgrades to the San Diego River, which officials say could become a regional attraction with recreational amenities and riverfront dining. The council voted to create an enhanced infrastructure financing district, which would generate money any time a parcel within half a mile of the river sees its property tax go up in the next 45 years.

What’s Causing Beach Pollution Near the San Diego River? Blame Sewer Leaks, Study Suggests

A new study by San Diego State University scientists finds that the bacterial outbreaks in the San Diego River that force frequent local beach closures are caused primarily by leaks in aging sewer pipes, not by homeless encampments or failing septic tanks.

Opinion: We All Need to be More Proactive in Conserving What Water We Have

“The shadows sway and seem to say/ ‘Tonight we pray for water, cool water’/ And way up there He’ll hear our prayer/ And show us where there’s water, cool, clear, water.” Sons of the Pioneers, singing Bob Nolan’s “Cool Water” in 1941.

Eighty-one years later, the “show us where there’s water” prayer remains.

Construction in Mission Trails to Improve Regional Infrastructure

When Mission Trails Regional Park reopens and visitors return, they may notice an increase in construction traffic and activities in and near the western portion of the park as the San Diego County Water Authority improves a portion of its regional water delivery system.

The Water Authority has begun work to construct a new underground reservoir and flow control facility. The facilities are part of the Mission Trails Project, a suite of projects that mostly were completed in late 2010 to improve regional water infrastructure.

Completed components include construction of a pipeline tunnel, demolition of most above-ground vent stacks in the park, and construction of a stabilized crossing at the San Diego River.

New underground flow regulatory structure

The new underground flow regulatory structure, or covered reservoir, will help regulate untreated water flows in the regional water delivery system. It will hold up to 5 million gallons of water. The reservoir will be covered with soil and vegetation, except for several above-ground access hatches and vents that will allow for air movement in and out of the reservoir. A new flow control facility and pipeline interconnections will also be constructed as part of this project.

Pre-construction work to prepare the site has already started. The project construction is scheduled to end in early 2022.

Construction vehicles will use Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, Calle de Vida, Portobelo Drive, and Antigua Boulevard to access work areas in the park. Some trails leading to the site in the western portion of the park will be closed. For instance, the trail that begins at the intersection of Calle de Vida and Colina Dorada Drive will be closed to allow large construction vehicles and traffic to safely pass through the park. Additionally, parking at the eastern end of Clairemont Mesa Boulevard will be limited to accommodate project field offices and equipment staging.

For more information about either project, go to www.sdcwa.org/mission-trails-FRS, call the toll-free project information line at 877-682-9283, ext. 7004, or email .