East County Recycled Water Treatment Facility Set to Go Online in 2026

Work has been underway on a recycled water treatment project in Santee for about two years. In another two years, some East County residents will get their drinking water from the East County Advanced Water Purification program.

San Diego Farmers Practice Climate-resilient Agriculture to Curb Climate Change

San Diego County’s agriculture is a rich tapestry of over 5,000 mini-farms seamlessly blended into expanding urban landscapes. Most are family-owned organic farms producing high-value crops on just a few acres of land to turn a profit in this water-scarce, highly urbanized region.

California, San Diego Out of Drought Danger, For Now

Californians don’t have to worry too much about drought for the foreseeable future.

The state’s Department of Water Resources said Tuesday’s snowpack survey revealed the snowfall in the Sierra Nevada mountains is above average at roughly 113%.

San Diego County Has Exceeded Annual Rainfall Average Since Oct. 1

It’s been a wet start to 2024 for Southern California. The water year, which goes from Oct. 1 until Sept. 30 of the next calendar year, is a way to measure precipitation to sum up the entire “wet season.”

Grim Tally From State Offers Most Detailed Extent Of Storm Damage In San Diego Yet

The first official accounting of damage in San Diego County from the torrential Jan. 22 storms estimated that more than 800 homes were impacted by flooding, and local schools across the region sustained an estimated $4 million in damage.

Storm Drops as Much as 4.8 Inches of Rain In San Diego County In The Start of a Week Of Messy Weather

The extraordinary plume of subtropical moisture that moved ashore Monday was continuing to drench San Diego County Tuesday morning in what could turn out to be nearly a week’s worth of messy weather.

Historic California Rain Could Foreshadow More Extreme Rainfall In Coming Weeks

Southern California may have just experienced a historic amount of rainfall, but more extreme precipitation is headed toward the region. More than a month’s worth of rain fell in a span of three hours in San Diego on Monday, according to the National Weather Service.

San Diego’s Weather Forecast For January 16, 2024: Light Rain Midweek, Widespread Rain This Weekend

Many coastal areas were stuck in the clouds and fog all day with clouds spreading inland tonight into tomorrow morning. Patchy fog will be an issue for your morning commute tomorrow with uneven clearing into the afternoon. Tomorrow will be another mild day with 60s and 70s for most of the county with little day-to-day temperature changes with highs near seasonal normals through the end of the work week.

San Diego County Could Be Fairly Dry Into Late December. Or Longer. So Where’s the El Niño?

San Diego County has fallen behind in seasonal rainfall. A weak storm could bring a little moisture Wednesday through Friday. But the National Weather Service says the region will then be dry until late next week, and perhaps for much, much longer.

San Diego Speeds Up Efforts to Shore Up Its Aging Dams — Including a Faster Schedule for Lake Hodges Dam Rebuild

San Diego is accelerating efforts to shore up the city’s aging dams, including moving up construction of the new Lake Hodges Dam from 2031 to 2029 and committing to comprehensively evaluating the eight other city dams by 2028.