Voters in North County, 4th Supervisorial District Sent Details About Upcoming Special Election

San Diego County elections officials have mailed out more than 430,000 notices to registered voters eligible to participate in the November special election, alerting people to the issues and how they may cast their ballots.

Voters in the 4th District of the county Board of Supervisors will choose between San Diego City Councilmember Monica Montgomery Steppe and activist Amy Reichert in the runoff election to succeed former supervisor Nathan Fletcher.

Residents of the Fallbrook Public Utilities District and Rainbow Municipal Water District will decide whether to secede from the San Diego County Water Authority, a plan that was approved by the Local Agency Formation Commission in June but is still being challenged in court.

San Diego County Water Authority And its 24 Member Agencies

Water Authority Earns National Conservation Innovation Award

The San Diego County Water Authority was recognized with a national award from the Alliance for Water Efficiency for programs that help county residents and businesses conserve water. The Water Authority earned the 2023 Utility Innovation Award for developing and deploying of one of the first and most comprehensive multi-benefit water-use efficiency incentive programs in the nation, in partnership with the County of San Diego.


Imperial Beach Asks White House for Help with Sewage Spills from Tijuana

The City of Imperial Beach has joined a list of cities in San Diego County that are requesting assistance from the White House with sewage leaks from Tijuana.

The mayor of Imperial Beach said the recent closures from the sewage spills present a public health and economic crisis. Businesses and beach visitors have also expressed their frustration.

North County Water District Loosens Drought Restrictions

The Vallecitos Water District Board of Directors has voted to rescind mandatory drought restrictions Monday, loosening conservation measures for North County residents.

Effective June 10, the water district will be moving from “Level 2 – Drought Alert” to “Level 1 – Drought Watch,” district officials announced Monday.

Did the Months of Recent Rain End California’s Drought? Experts Say It’s Complicated

Over the last four months, storm after storm pounded the California coast – leading to dramatic changes in our water supply and drought conditions – including in San Diego. But many are asking whether it’s safe to say the drought is complete “over.”

The weekly published Drought Monitor shows that conditions significantly improved compared to last year.

Potential Water Cuts From the Colorado River Could Impact Farmers

The very real threat of losing water from the Colorado River is the potential cuts to California’s agriculture.

The Imperial Valley alone has 500 thousand acres of farmland at the lower basin of the Colorado River.

Farms like Bear Valley Organic Farm in Valley Center run on water.

Coldest Ocean Water Temperature in Decades Recorded Off San Diego County

The ocean temperature off Del Mar fell to 52.25 degrees this week, the lowest reading in San Diego County waters since UC San Diego began using a buoy system in the 1970s to monitor large areas of the U.S. coastline.

UCSD’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography said near-record low readings also were recorded this week at many other stations, including off Imperial Beach and Leucadia, where the temperature was 53.5 degrees on Wednesday.

Spring and Sewage Are in the Air Near San Diego

Public health officials have long known that sewage-ladened coastal waters threaten the health of swimmers and surfers. However, new research shows that this common form of water pollution might also pose health risks to those who stay ashore.

Bacteria and pollutants found in sewage-tainted water can be ejected into the atmosphere via sea spray aerosols—tiny droplets that form when waves break—according to a study published in Environmental Science and Technology.

With 13 Inches of Rain This Wet Season, San Diego County is Nearly Drought-Free

With an exceptionally rainy season for California, much of the state is free from drought, including most of San Diego County, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor.

The latest drought monitor map released Thursday shows all but 11% of San Diego County remains in some form of drought, which is the same as last week. But that’s significantly down from 3 months ago when all of San Diego County was in some form of drought.

Here’s How Much Rain Fell in 30 San Diego County Communities in the Region’s Latest Storm

The Pacific storm that passed through San Diego County on Tuesday and early Wednesday was among the strongest, most widespread systems to hit the region since the rainy season began on Oct. 1.

The system pushed March rainfall at San Diego International Airport to 3.42 inches. The airport averages 1.46 inches for the entire month of March.