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UCD: A Drying Salton Sea Pollutes Neighboring Communities

When desert winds stir up dust from the Salton Sea’s exposed lakebed, nearby communities suffer from increased air pollution. The deterioration coincides with reduced flows into California’s largest lake, a new research paper in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics finds.

Disadvantaged communities have been affected more than others in the areas near the Salton Sea, which has been shrinking for years, said the paper’s co-leading author Eric Edwards. He is an assistant professor of agricultural economics at UC Davis, who did the research while at North Carolina State University.

A Drying Salton Sea: Research Finds Higher Particulate Pollution After Water Diverted to San Diego

When desert winds stir up dust from the Salton Sea’s exposed lakebed, nearby communities suffer from increased air pollution. The deterioration coincides with reduced flows into California’s largest lake, finds a new research paper in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

IID Backs Conservation Plan, Strengthening Colorado River, Salton Sea

As part of the historic Lower Basin Plan between Arizona, California and Nevada to conserve 3 million acre-feet of water by 2026 to protect the Colorado River system from extended drought, the Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors on Friday, Dec. 1 unanimously approved the 2023 System Conservation Implementation Agreement with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.

Wetlands Are Appearing Around the Salton Sea. Could This Be a Natural Solution?

About 3 miles east of Bombay Beach, and a half-mile back from the Salton Sea’s receding shoreline, the crunchy exposed playa gives way from a mostly empty white landscape to more and more native vegetation, and then suddenly a few shallow ponds appear, surrounded by dense vegetation.

Public Event Marks Start of Work on North Shore Salton Sea Project

Riverside County and Salton Sea officials held a public event Oct. 19 in North Shore to mark reaching a significant milestone in the development of the future North Lake Pilot Demonstration Project.

The event was held at the North Shore Beach & Yacht Club Community Center, 99-155 Sea View Drive. The yacht club overlooks the project’s future site along Riverside County’s northern shore of the Salton Sea.

Survey Work Begins on Salton Sea Restoration Project

Engineers are busy studying the soil near the Salton Sea.

This is where they’re planning on transforming more than  150 acres into a modern nature habitat.

As California’s Toxic Salton Sea Shrinks, It’s Raising Health Alarms for the Surrounding Community

Damien Lopez, age 4, has symptoms that many people who live near Southern California’s Salton Sea also have.

“His cough gets very wheezy. I try to control him,” his mother Michelle Lopez said.

“Control” often means visiting pediatric nurse Christina Galindo at Pioneers Memorial Hospital.

‘Salton Sea Conservancy’ Bill Stalls in California Legislature Amid Bureaucracy Concerns

Would a proposed Salton Sea Conservancy help efforts in the troubled region? Elected officials and local organizations are split, with some saying it will just add another layer of bureaucracy to already mired efforts.

California Senate Bill 583, authored by state Sen. Steve Padilla, D-San Diego, and coauthored by Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia, D-Coachella, would create the Salton Sea Conservancy, “tasking it with coordinating management of all conservation projects in the region to restore the shrinking sea and reducing the negative health impact the Sea imposes,” according to Padilla’s office. There are currently 10 similar state conservancies under the California Natural Resources Agency, including the local Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy.

As Salton Sea Shrinks, Potential for Earthquakes Reduced, New Study Finds

The shrinking and drying out of the Salton Sea has reduced stress on the San Andreas Fault, possibly reducing the frequency and severity of earthquakes in Southern California, according to research from San Diego State University and Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

The study, published Wednesday in the journal Nature, found that the reduced stress on the fault from a significantly lesser amount of water may be delaying the next “big one.”

Bill to Create Salton Sea Conservancy Moves Forward in State Legislature

Legislation introduced by Sen. Steve Padilla of San Diego to create the Salton Sea Conservancy moved forward this week with a unanimous vote in the state Senate.

Senate Bill 583 would create a new state agency to unify California’s efforts to expedite preservation, protect residents’ health, and foster ecological recovery of the shrinking sea.

“The environmental calamity at the Salton Sea is decades in the making,” said Padilla. “It is going to take unprecedented collaboration at all levels of governmental to adequately address this challenge.”