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Survey Work Begins on Salton Sea Restoration Project

Engineers are busy studying the soil near the Salton Sea.

This is where they’re planning on transforming more than  150 acres into a modern nature habitat.

Salton Sea Restoration Sparks Debate

The Salton Sea has needed restoration for decades. Both Imperial County and Imperial Irrigation District (IID) agree something needs to be done, but the debate over precisely what action to take, is preventing much from happening at all.

In 2003, it was agreed water would be transferred from the Salton Sea to San Diego and Coachella. Imperial County Superviso Ryan Kelley tells me, after the transfer the seabed turned to dust. The wind then carried that dust, and the harmful components in it, towards Valley residents.

Long Troubled Salton Sea May Finally Be Getting What it Most Needs: Action – and Money

State work to improve wildlife habitat and tamp down dust at California’s ailing Salton Sea is finally moving forward. Now the sea may be on the verge of getting the vital ingredient needed to supercharge those restoration efforts – money.

The shrinking desert lake has long been a trouble spot beset by rising salinity and unhealthy, lung-irritating dust blowing from its increasingly exposed bed. It shadows discussions of how to address the Colorado River’s two-decade-long drought because of its connection to the system. The lake is a festering health hazard to nearby residents, many of them impoverished, who struggle with elevated asthma risk as dust rises from the sea’s receding shoreline.

Will California Finally Fulfill its Promise to Fix the Salton Sea?

Red flags flutter outside the schools in Salton City, California, when the air quality is dangerous. Dust billows across the desert, blanketing playgrounds and baseball diamonds, the swirling grit canceling recess and forcing students indoors. Visibility is so poor you can’t see down the block. Those days worry Miriam Juarez the most.

Salton Sea Authority Board Endorses Emergency Declaration Made by Imperial County

After initially balking, the Salton Sea Authority board of directors on Thursday unanimously passed a resolution supporting Imperial County’s declaration of an emergency at the fast-shrinking sea.