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California Had a Plan to Bring Clean Water to a Million People. Then the Pandemic Hit

The water is too contaminated to safely drink, but residents of this farmworker community in the Central Valley pay $74 a month just to be able to turn on the tap at home.

Their bills are even higher if they use more than 50 gallons a day, a fraction of daily water consumption for the average California household. And when Fresno County completes a new well that has been planned for years, the price will increase again to cover the cost of treating manganese-laced water pumped from hundreds of feet below.

Opinion: Coronavirus Related Updates

Some quick and important updates: Tap water is safe to drink! The San Diego County Water Authority would like everyone to know that the region’s tap water is safe to drink, and that there is no evidence that the Coronavirus is transmitted through treated water.

Opinion: Hand-Washing Is Critical in the Fight Against Coronavirus, But What If You Don’t Have Safe Water?

The coronavirus pandemic is shining a spotlight on the weaknesses of social, economic and health safety nets we’ve long taken for granted, including our water system.

Poway Awaits Word From State That Water Is Safe To Drink

Two days after county officials ordered the closure of all businesses serving food in Poway, nearly 200 restaurants and bars remained shuttered Monday, awaiting word from state officials that the water supply was safe and they could reopen.

Meanwhile, residents helped themselves to the 400,000 bottles of water made available by the city, and school officials tapped an outside vendor to feed the thousands of students returning from a holiday break.

City officials announced the possible contamination of Poway’s water supply on Saturday, which led to a boil-water advisory being issued Saturday night and orders from the county’s health department to close all restaurants and bars.